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Advertising Networks & Quality 101

Posted by Michael Sprouse on March 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

The following column was written by Brett Lofgren, senior vice president of global advertising sales, at Epic Advertising.
I get asked a lot about "quality" when it comes to ad networks. Quality is a very general term when applied to online marketing. However, even though the term may seem vague, there are some very discernable areas of value that quality networks provide to advertisers and publishers alike. In short, every great ad network should have a focus on quality, because if the traffic going through your network is poor or fraudulent, it creates problems for everyone.

The topic is so important, in fact, that there is an area of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) devoted solely to consistently maintaining and updating a set of standardized guidelines for advertising networks called the Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines. The guidelines are intended for networks and exchanges that drive online transactions with marketers and agencies. Epic Advertising's CMO, Mike Sprouse (who usually pens this column), is on the member committee, and many other reputable networks are also represented.

At its core, ad networks provide advertisers with immense scale and reach in an efficient way. They also offer advertisers a significant pricing advantage. Networks work with... Read more