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5 secrets to boost Brand LOVE in your target audience

Posted by Tanvi Bhatt on October 30th, 2012 at 11:25 pm

We love some Brands, We hate some Brands, and we couldn't be bothered by some.
What is that compelling factor of these Brands that evokes such strong emotions within us?
What is it that they are doing fabulously or where are they taking the fall?
What is the secret that some Brands know of, and most others are still struggling to discover?

It is in human nature to fall in love, when their hearts are touched, moved and molten. Some people know how to touch these hearts and live in them forever. And moreover, some Brands know how to move these hearts, to not only live there, but also dominate their minds-forever. These are the Brands who have the power to melt these hearts with love and loyalty, time after time-such that the competing brands are rendered immaterial, such that the whole world but that beloved brand-ceases to exist.
The secret that these people or brands or now-a-days people brands know of, is the power of EMOTIONS. And the strategy of making your audience feel the emotions you truly want them to feel-results in a checkmate game for your competition. These are my top 5 secrets to evoke such emotions in your audience, that fill them up... Read more

To Brand ME or not to Brand ME?

Posted by Tanvi Bhatt on August 29th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

If Life was a Supermarket what Brand of Chocolate do you think you would be?
Rather if Life was a Mall, what Brand of Shoes would you be?
Even better, if Life was a Race, what Brand of Car would you be?
Answer each of these questions, and answer once again, WHY?

Now the Most important Question, have you ever wondered to Yourself: To Brand ME or not to Brand ME?
Seldom, people fail to realize, that this indeed is a moot question; and yet they ponder over it for the best years of their Life, sometimes, till it's too late to take the leap of faith.
You, are of course, a Human being not some pretty packaged candy bar being sold for a dime a dozen in your local super market; or a pair of gorgeous stilettos being envied by all-but who flaunts them; or a Fantastic set of four wheels that take your life from 0 to 100 in less than 5! You are not a commodity, or a product or a service which by any means can be defined and dealt with. The conventional rules of 4Ps of Marketing do not apply to YOU, as You are Unique and Rare, as... Read more