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A week of social media activity in the yogurt category

Posted by Doug Schumacher on May 26th, 2015 at 4:04 pm

Taking a weekly snapshot of social media activity helps put both posting volume and content scheduling in clear view. So to get a sense of what’s happening in the yogurt category, let’s take a look at the week of May 17 – May 23, 2015. Below is the breakout of posting and engagement activity for that week across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The top two charts indicate that Facebook is the dominant network here. The Engagements chart shows Facebook driving the majority of engagement, despite having relatively low posting volume among the three networks. Furthermore, in the Engagements chart we see strong Facebook Engagement Rates, especially given the larger communities these brands have on Facebook.
Subject Analyzer for Yogurt Brands, Weekly View

The Posting By Day chart compared with the Engagements By Day chart shows an interesting phenomenon. Most brands are ignoring the weekends. However, we see Chobani posting to Facebook multiple times on Saturday. And, the Engagements By Day chart shows those posts receiving high engagement levels.
So let’s take a look at what Chobani is doing, using Zuum’s subject analyzer to assess all their posts for the week (below).
It’s interesting that they’re posting an even lower percentage of posts to Facebook than the industry overall, although Facebook’s share of total... Read more

How Lincoln Motor is using social media content to rebrand

Posted by Doug Schumacher on May 20th, 2015 at 9:05 am

Concept cars have always provided the sizzle at auto shows, and give brands a great way to flash their engineering expertise. So when reviewing the social media content of 12 brands in the luxury auto industry, seeing ‘concept’ as a high engagement topic called for further exploration.
Below are the various topics posted by all brands that had at least 25 posts in a single social media network during the month of April, 2015. So in other words, the topics below were used frequently. You can see ‘concept’, in red and in the center, indicating high engagement.
Topics Used in April 2015

While a number of those topics could be worth exploring, let’s drill in and see how the companies are using the term ‘concept’ to enhance their brand. Below is Zuum’s Subject Analysis of all posts in April. In the Posting By Day chart, the impact of the New York Auto Show is clear, as there was heavy posting during that event early in the month. However, the promotion of concept cars didn’t stop after the show – there were 91 posts on ‘concept’ throughout the month.
Analysis of posts on ‘concept’ during April

In further analysis of which brands were posting the most in the Posting By Day chart,... Read more

What’s on your Radar?

Posted by Winnie Brignac Hart on March 12th, 2015 at 12:20 pm

It’s a big sky out there – do you feel like you’re flying off the radar? Your role as a leader is to set the destination and the route, and keep the flight on course and running smoothly. There is a lot of turbulence – the key is to stay aligned on a strategic path instead of constantly reacting to unexpected detours.
Align Your Brand
You need a plan. A plan that keeps you on course and aligns your purpose, brand and strategy – this is what we call your True North. Finding your True North starts with assessing where you are in eight key areas: Strategic Alignment, Positioning, Distinction, Branding, Authenticity, Lead Generation, Messaging and Marketing.
What’s on your Radar?
Download the True North Radar assessment.

The Single Most Important Principle in Brand Strategy Today

Posted by Michael Leis on April 7th, 2013 at 3:33 pm

The start of another Mad Men season reminds me of the shift in marketing strategy that I most often discuss with colleagues and clients now, but have yet to expressly write about.
What separates great brands and marketing from good, or even bad ones can be boiled down to this one thought I first heard at sxsw 2011:
Make The Customer The Hero

The Power of Curiosity for Brand Engagement

Posted by Brant Emery on August 14th, 2012 at 6:32 am

Why do we get hooked so easily by questions?
Ever been chatting to a colleague when a “oh, what’s his name, you know, that actor, you know, that TV series, big in Germany…” moment arises? Days later, ‘Eureka – David Hasselhoff!’ you’ll shout, and feel gratified, even relieved? Then you realise your brain had been quietly beavering away at that question? Curiosity. Once piqued it becomes an implacable force that must be sated. A natural instinct that both  stimulates and drives behavior.
Leo Burnett believed curiosity was the secret of great creative people. Stimulating curiosity is a known educational approach. Comedy works by tantalizing us with questions before side-swiping our expectations with off-kilter answers. In film and literature, curiosity is used as ‘cliff-hanger’ moments or attention grabbing headlines like “5 Things You Did Wrong Today.”
My belief is that curiosity is an evolutionary formed predatory instinct – quite simply, food comes to those who seek it out. Then, as evolved hominids, this cognitive process morphed into an innate desire to explore the mysteries of our world.
So why does curiosity have this hold on us?
Let’s begin with the neuroscience of curiosity. As Jonah Lehrer from Wired wrote, results from an fMRI experiment at Caltech... Read more