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Eulogy For a Blog: Most Blogs Die Before The Sixth Post

Posted by Allison Freeland on October 20th, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Everyone has access to publishing these days, but are all blogs created equal? Feldman Creative and ClearVoice unveil the truth about blog publishing in an infographic titled "Eulogy for a Blog".

Blogging and Revenue: The Bloggers' Point of View

Posted by Jeff Skal on June 25th, 2013 at 8:41 am

Brands and marketers’ growing desire to connect with consumers via social media is nothing new. Plenty of data and insights exist to help us better understand how to make smart marketing decisions within major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but what about the blogosphere?
That’s where this study aims to help; we recently conducted a groundbreaking research survey with bloggers to help give marketers a better idea on how to work with and connect the blogosphere to their campaigns.
In our research we discovered that, although it does still carry some weight for bloggers, money isn’t king in the blogosphere. Bloggers spend a great deal of time honing their craft and building their audiences, and want to be respected for their time and expertise.
Some of the few key insights we uncovered include:
Statistic: 75% of bloggers’ primary reason for blogging is NOT revenue generation. Their passions for sharing information and blogging as a hobby are the top reasons to blog.

Advice: Do your due diligence before outreaching to bloggers. Read their content, and if possible, look for bloggers that already have an affinity for your brand. While some bloggers are only in it for the money, most aren’t, and you’ll be much... Read more

Cut through the ad clutter by telling a great story

Posted by Lisa Ostrikoff on April 12th, 2013 at 1:03 pm

From annoying pop-up ads to often completely irrelevant video pre-rolls, the clutter is causing consumers’ “BS meters,” as digital rock star Gary Vaynerchuk has called them, to become more sensitive and accurate than ever before.
So while the speed of technology is increasing, it’s interesting to note that one of the hottest trends in online marketing might just be the age-old art of story-telling.
What does this mean? To cut through the clutter, businesses need to stop annoying, and start telling stories.
Story-telling has evolved from ancient rock markings to the current age, where brands are able to effectively tell their stories via Web video, blog posts and social media platforms. Despite technology’s effect on the methods we’re using to tell stories, the basics remain.
If you ask the experts, they’ll tell you the same story they’ve been telling for years.
“Marketing is storytelling,” says author, entrepreneur and expert Seth Godin. Writing on “ How to tell a great story,” Mr. Godin says that “first impressions are far more powerful than we give them credit for,” making it important to ensure your story does what you need it to do the first time... Read more

How to craft the perfect headline in three easy steps

Posted by Deborah Bates on January 21st, 2013 at 9:29 am

Today, during my hourly crawl of the world’s content marketing blogs, I spotted an absolute gem of a headline and just had to write about it. It was the title of the latest post on the Content Marketing Institute’s site, written by Heidi Cohen – who is a steadfast member of the content marketing industry and a really great writer.
It read: ‘How to solve your biggest content marketing problem in 7 easy steps’. Sounds simple, huh? It’s actually very well thought through and if you want to replicate it, here are the three things you need to take from Heidi’s headline.
Number 1: ‘How to solve...’

As most B2B marketers will know, content needs to offer value in some way – be it making a person laugh or, in this case, teaching them something. The word ‘solve’ instantly jumps out at us, as we know straight away that this blog is going to educate us. Reading it will be a valuable use of our time. Using this word has instantly decreased the chance that we’ll dismiss the blog and move onto something else – first gold star for Heidi.
Number 2: ‘...your biggest content marketing problem’

This part of the title instantly... Read more