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Brands as Cultural Unifiers

Posted by Jim Nichols on January 27th, 2011 at 4:31 am

Every day I am more and more struck by how sports programs and interactivities are fast becoming the few mass experiences left in media. Yes, yes, the Superbowl. But a lot more than that. Why are there almost always sporting events in the top 10 programs? Why do entire cities come together to celebrate a pennant victory? What is the one sort of programming that can still be called appointment TV?
Why is all this the case? Because sports speak to something inside of most of us - a desire to be part of something successful that is bigger than ourselves.
Sports even seem to unify social media, which is (arguably) mostly a set of experiences that occur on an individual versus a group level. Other sorts of activities also can deliver mass audiences, but can they deliver engaged, united ones?
Sports do. We celebrate victories together. We stick our tongues out with the Phanatic at another team. We drive hours on a Saturday to see Penn State versus Pitt. OR whatever against whatever in your corner of the world.
Too often we use reach as a proxy for the idea of a common viewpoint and experience. We look at, for example, Facebook as... Read more