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Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Posted by James Trumbly on February 27th, 2013 at 8:00 am

LinkedIn is the go-to website for most B2B marketers when it comes to networking and expanding their client base. But is it really the best place to get the job done? According to some studies, Facebook offers just as much if not more opportunity to reach your professional audience. Let’s take a look at how the two sites stack up side by side.
Facebook Pros and Cons
The social media giant clearly leads the field in terms of B2C marketing. But how about that professional audience you’re trying to reach?

Pro: Facebook’s huge user base means that more professionals are on Facebook than on LinkedIn in terms of total numbers. Those professionals don’t turn off their business acumen when they’re on Facebook, so you can still market effectively through the broader platform.
Pro: Facebook allows direct marketing through Facebook ads, meaning you’re no longer dependent on buyer engagement in order to reach potential customers.
Con: Facebook posts may or may not appear on your fans’ walls, depending on their level of engagement with your brand.
Con: Marketing efforts must compete with non-professional posts. Music videos, cute puppies, and pithy quotes are all clamoring for the attention of your potential buyers. Your posts have to be good enough... Read more

Simplifying Your LinkedIn Company Page Strategy in Four Easy Steps

Posted by Tara Meehan on September 26th, 2012 at 6:04 am

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page? If you do, good on you! If you don’t, well, why not? LinkedIn Company Pages are a marketing must-have for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s no longer solely about recruiting. There are bigger fish to fry, a vast pool of engaged fish online that are looking to be trafficked to your site. Any by doing these four things to your LinkedIn Company Page, chances are good that you’ll begin seeing results.
#1 – Make Your Content Better
Adding content to your LinkedIn Company page will not only make it more engaging, it will drive traffic to your site. The more, the better. I’m talking blogs, thought leadership articles, webinars, case studies, etc. After all, traffic to your site could drive conversions. Isn’t that what you’re aiming for?  
#2 – Don’t Go It Alone. Go It With a LinkedIn Group
Starting a business-related or non-business related LinkedIn Group is a great way to establish and build relationships with clients and customers. Often times, the non-business group does more to grow your brand. It shows that you are an actual well-rounded human that has more to offer society than financial charts, marketing estimates,... Read more