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Facebook, Act II: Create your own eulogy

Posted by Uwe Hook on October 3rd, 2011 at 11:13 am

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to share life stories. Just don’t expect diaries. Get ready for your photoshopped self.

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed: “The heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up.” And, he added: “Timeline is the story of your life.”
My jogging maps, the books I read , the movies I watched, the pictures I took – Is that really the story of my life?
Data aggregation as the expression of a human dream.

Facebook is not the only platform that satisfies a basic human dream. We’re archiving what we see, hear, read, eat, where we are traveling and how it takes us to run 5 miles for one reason and one reason only: We don’t want to die.
Or better: Since we all have to die at one point, we don’t want to just disappear, be forgotten.
Most eulogies leave out the “He was a bastard” part or the “She was a meanie” piece. The new Facebook timeline will become an idealized archive of your digital self,  defying mortality with every “like”. A permanent monument to yourself, conveniently leaving out the depressed moments, the embarrassing stories, the dark secrets, the big failures that made you who... Read more

Creativing :: Futbal Hero video, Facebook's latest marketing strategy, and Sony goes hunting for game spammers

Posted by Doug Schumacher on October 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

What's going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
YouTube – Kasabian Football Hero
It's always great when a cool video is accompanied by a good song. While more documentary than music video, this is a fun riff on the Guitar Hero user interface, despite actually using open source version Frets on Fire.
Map View from AirSage
Mobile-based location and motion data. They use mobile phone data from individual handsets to predict things like traffic and general movement patters of people throughout the US. They have agreements with both carriers and manufacturers, and are a sort of white label for traffic information. They claim to be able to provide this coverage for 127 markets that cover 85% of the population. There are a lot of campaign applications for this data.
Fun, simple street art style from an Australian artist.
Kill Your Idols
Skate culture art style with a rock and roll theme. Can't go wrong with that.
5 Must Read Social Media Marketing Studies
Some good research and projections on social media. Highlights include a report that American's spend 17% of their online time on social media sites, and businesses reporting that blogs have the highest social media ROI.
Tobold's MMORPG Blog: Facebook games: Scam or... Read more