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Creativing :: Free mobile app gifts, 2010s most social musicians, and possibly the first great augemented reality mobile app

Posted by Doug Schumacher on December 22nd, 2010 at 9:02 pm

Airport Apps That Put You First in Line — Practical Traveler – NYTimes.com
A good overview of some apps to get you through the holiday travels.
The Best Ideas Of 2010: Musicians Who Made Social Networking Work : The Record : NPR
The music industry presents a constant stream of social media marketing examples. NPR gives a good overview, with the underscore being that content is still, and probably always will be, king.
Merry Christmas from Lonely Planet: 13 free iPhone city guides | Gadling.com
A great way for Lonely Planet to market themselves — giving away a taste of the goods in the form of a holiday present. It’s the ultimate product sample, and costs them no more than the time to change the app prices to free and back.
Augmented Reality on Your Phone – NYTimes.com
You’ve probably seen the Word Lens demo. If not, click the link in the first sentence. An augmented reality app that is the first one I’ve seen to be both functional and remarkably fluid. I love Yelp’s Monocle, but it’s doesn’t have anywhere near the responsiveness of this, and that’s a ... Read more

Video: iButterfly – Augmented Reality + Motion Sensor + GPS + Coupon = Awesome

Posted by Rick Mathieson on July 14th, 2010 at 2:06 am

Just got on my radar today, though it's been out for a while.
It's a mobile implementation in Japan that involved augmented reality butterflies, posted in specific locations, that consumers could then collect, share, and even turn into coupons for use at retail stores.
I could easily see how consumer goods and entertainment brands could put this to great use here in the U.S. Look for some serious action on that front in the coming months.

Creativing :: Conan O'Brien's tweet, Social media pushes the 'cuddle' button, and Web 3.0?

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 25th, 2010 at 10:29 pm

What’s going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
Tweet of the Week - Conan O'Brien
11 years between “Toy Story’s” and 7 months between "Twilight’s." By that measure, the “Jonah Hex” sequel should be out in 3 days.
Virgin Gives Free Tickets to 'Influencial' Tweeters - MarketingVOX
If you're into the numbers side of campaigns, this is a good read. Also a good back and forth on the value of social media as a demand creation tool. Nothing overly conclusive, but the varying points are worth reading. The end line really summarizes it well. No single tactic can do everything. It has to be a group effort.
Kynetx Introduces the Programmable Internet – the Language of the Building Block Web | Stay N' Alive
Those wondering when "Web 2.0" would run it's course, this could be the next direction. The trajectory of tech developments continues to be sharable, with rapid development times enabling products to get to market fast. There are several good examples of how this tech can play out.
Social Media Increases “Cuddle” Chemical Production in the Brain [STUDY]
So social media pushes the 'cuddle' button. That means it's either jumped the shark or is so irreversibly embedded in our psyche's that... Read more

Creativing :: Hugo Chavez Tweets, Facebook's Open Graph explained, and the best iPad app yet

Posted by Doug Schumacher on April 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Tweet of the Week
Technically, "Twitterer" of the week. This week, Hugo Chavez joined the digerati. And his username roughly translates to 'devil' in many Latin American countries, although in Venezuela, it also means 'rabble-rouser'. Either way, a little nutty coming from the 5th largest oil producing nation in the world.
The Color of Words | Codename: "Cuttlefish"
Copywriters and Art Directors, unite. This is both entertaining and useful for checking people's creative color explorations. Each color is given a name, generally closely tied to the color it brings up. Well worth a few minutes of mousing around.
Facebook Sends Window Decals to Local Businesses
Start looking for this type of thing to be as common on a store window as credit card stickers.
Augmented Reality Billboard Puts Passersby in a Street Fight [VIDEO]
Strong execution using Augmented Reality in a digital billboard.
MobilGlyph: Making Data Tangible – Popwuping
Video demonstrating the use of QR codes as a way to enable data entry in a mobile phone for illiterate people. The final interface is a little like scrolling through the... Read more

Creativing :: iPhone AR helicopter, smartphones and ecommerce, and a look under the hood of any website

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

What's going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
Tweet of the Week
This is a new feature I'm going to add to this column each week.
140 Characters How Twitter Was Born
Ran across this story from Dom Sagolla, one of the original team that created and launched Twitter. Note how, despite Twitter's relatively simple concept and technology, they went through a number of technical, UX and branding challenges. Scroll down the page past the book promo to see the original post
Parrot's Remote Controlled Helicopter Takes Augmented Reality to the Next Dimension
This is very cool. A working mini helicopter controlled via the iPhone. If you've started shopping for me for Xmas next year, hint hint.
Social Media Not The Answer For Weak Brands: Branding Strategy Insider
I really like this piece on strategy v tactics. And while in many cases business strategy is, unfortunately, a foregone conclussion by the time the marketing department gets on the scene, it's never too late to try to have an impact. As international borders vanish, production timelines shrink, and all businesses move closer to having perfect information, perhaps marketers will again get to spend more time in the CEOs office.
Ads Of Steel On Security X-ray Machines... Read more