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2015 Mobile Marketing Predictions – from 2005 (Pt 1)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on December 5th, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Let’s just say I had a head start on my 2015 mobile marketing predictions.
In 2005, my first book, BRANDING UNBOUND, hit bookshelves proclaiming a new era for marketing – one where the most measurable, personal and direct link to consumers ever created would change the world of marketing forever.
Written in 2003 and 2004, and published in June of ’05, I prognosticated about Apple Pay, iPad, Google Glass, Nest – and trends like marketing personalization, mixed reality social apps, augmented reality and more.
The book came out in June 2005 - two full years before the first iPhone was launched and heralded seismic changes to our relationship with technology.
Advertising that anticipates what you want and offers it before you even think you want it.

Services that let you shop for pizza, music, books and movies – anywhere, anytime.

Offers sent to you in-store, based on your age, gender, location, stated preferences and past purchase history—and even what merchandise you’re holding in your hands,  in real time.

Mobile, social platforms that let you do everything from get your gossip on to facilitating real-world meet ups between “crushes” who happen to be within 10 blocks of each others' physical location.

Stores... Read more

iBeacons Usher in New Era of Mobile Advertising in 2014, Raise Old Privacy Concerns

Posted by Fernando Bohorquez Jr. on February 6th, 2014 at 8:44 am

Co-Authored by Alan M. Pate
Remember that scene from Minority Report? The one where John Anderton (Tom Cruise) takes a trip to GAP, virtual billboards call out his name and bombard him with offers as he walks through the mall, retinal scanners flash left and right, an AI hologram offers up his own personal greeting – “Welcome Back to the Gap! How’d those assorted tank tops work out for you?” It’s not quite 2054, and we haven’t quite perfected PreCrime, but ad tech is taking some big steps in the Minority Report direction.
2014 may be the year Apple’s “iBeacon” iOS7 feature changes the game for targeted advertising with its ability to detect customers’ presence and deliver targeted ads. As with almost any new ad tech these days, its adoption isn’t without privacy concerns.
As reported by the New York Times, this Super Bowl weekend the NFL deployed Apple’s iBeacon technology to send users of the NFL Mobile App targeted advertisements based on their physical location in Manhattan or in MetLife Stadium. Fans walking down Broadway received messages such as – “Get your picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy, located between 43rd and 44th streets on... Read more

When Developing Gamified Apps for Business, Avoid the Disruption of Processes at All Costs

Posted by Devanshi Garg on October 24th, 2013 at 11:19 am

Could employee productivity and mobile games be a match made in heaven? When done correctly - absolutely. Gamification - the use of game mechanics and psychology to drive a set of specific desired behaviors - is a legitimate motivational technique that will undoubtedly be the future of business productivity
According to Gartner, 70% of Global 2000 businesses will be using a gamified app by 2014. Spotify and LivingSocial for instance, already use a mobile gamification app to replace annual reviews for employees. The app has a 90% adoption rate and reduces a significant amount of resources and personnel required for conducting interviews. With badges for recognition, constant feedback, and goal tracking, the app also contributes to their company culture and productivity.
There are already several companies focusing on the role that games play in driving business efficiency. For instance, SpringShot, a mobile gamification startup, specializes in mobile worker productivity platforms for service companies. Their mobile platform assists service companies in recruiting, training, directing, and motivating frontline service workers via user-friendly mobile applications.
Developing a Seamless Gamification Platform
How can a mobile app make tedious tasks like filing expense reports or undergoing a performance review more engaging than they currently are? In the end, it... Read more

6 Apps That Can Get Your Wardrobe in Order

Posted by Drew Hendricks on August 5th, 2013 at 2:46 pm

If you're a fabulous fashionista, you probably own a closet (or two) full of stylish clothes. But every now and then, you want to give your wardrobe a facelift. Here are six great apps to get your wardrobe in order so that you can turn any street into a catwalk.
There are tons of free apps that promise to help you get your wardrobe in order, but they are nothing compared to Stylebook, a $3.99 app for your iPad or iPhone.
This handy-dandy little app allows you to photograph and organize the contents of your closet by category. You can also mix and match different pictures to create unique outfits, updating your look using clothes and accessories you already have.
Additionally, Stylebook has a calendar that helps you to track when you wore outfits and plan outfits for special events ahead of time.
Need some instant style inspiration? Download the free, no-frills app called Chicfeed that enables you to browse through tons of images from street style blogs such as Face Hunter and The Sartorialist. You'll be hitting the pavement in an amazing new outfit in no time at all!
Style Advice
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Death of an Email Salesman, Rise of the Mobile Superhero

Posted by Ashley Eckel on June 24th, 2013 at 10:00 am

Email has enjoyed a nice 15+ year run as a powerful marketing vehicle. In fact, many marketers who came of age in the digital era have hinged their careers on it. I know I did.  And in doing so, we became pretty good at our craft.  Emails became smarter with optimized design, segmentation and personalized offers. We learned how to rapidly grow databases and strategized remarketing practices. Heck, analytics gurus and excel wizards had nothing on us when it came to proving our worth with numbers.

But as with most marketing channels, email marketing (in its current form) has a shelf life. And the expiration date is getting closer and closer.
Email marketing has become another source of noise. So much so in fact, that Google, one of world’s largest email providers, is taking the consumer’s side. In a new update, email is now sorted to push all promotional emails into a separate folder, keeping the email you really want to read (mostly from friends and family) in the top slot. And if you’re not a Gmail user, there is always the often-exercised of striking the delete button.
Rosa Golijan of NBC News sums up this new feature in very simple terms: “It's... Read more