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Creativing :: A baby-photo meme, Facebook’s Hackathon winner, and measuring word-of-mouth

Posted by Doug Schumacher on September 17th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

What’s going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
Dilbert Takes on Social Media Marketing Managers [PIC]
This is funny, and probably painfully true for some.
Score a Celebrity Twitter Follower by Donating to Charity
I like this concept because it plays into the Twitter culture of “who’s following who” so well. And it’s simplicity. Just bid on a celeb (like Justin Bieber), and they’ll follow you, retweet you at least once, and will also send out a tweet including your @twitterhandle. It’s tough to tag this with a value, as the big unknown is how many of JB’s 5.2m followers will ever see either of the references to you. But it’s a fresh idea.
10 Facebook Tabs to Add
If Facebook’s recent elimination of boxes left you baffled, this won’t necessarily explain their reasoning, but will give you a sense of how to revise your page to get back the content that’s now missing. For brands, this is a good chance to see how an advanced user is making the transition from boxes to tabs.
Nau, inc.’s photosets on Flickr
Fashion brands would seem to be a natural for photo-based social media. Yet it seems like so few of them take advantage of the... Read more