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How Far Do You Go For the Sale? Literally

Posted by Marc Mallett on October 9th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Using some of my commuting time on the Metro North I started thinking about how far I actually travel in a year in the pursuit of digital advertising budgets in the New York market.  I decided to focus solely on New York instead of factoring Boston, Atlanta and Chicago trips into the equation.  It’s a little staggering how much we physically travel around the city meeting with agencies, entertaining, etc.
But before we start, a disclaimer: I’m not a mathematician and these are truly back-of-the-napkin calculations.
Walking: A lot of us rely on the oldest form of human transportation to get to many of our meetings. Whether from a subway stop, office, or moving from agency to agency (the 3 blocks from MEC to Mediavest anyone?) it’s often the easiest, most efficient and (in the summer) sweat-inducing way to get from point A to point B.  Rather than estimate how often, distance between, etc., I’m going to estimate the amount of time per week and work backwards. The average person walks at 3.1 mph -- average new Yorker, closer to 4.5 – but lights, angry cabbies, groups of tourists waiting for Letterman (Mediavest again), and the humanity surge around Harold Square (UM)... Read more

It’s Not You, It’s Not Me, It’s the Industry. Breaking Up is Hard to do in Digital Ad Land

Posted by Marc Mallett on September 13th, 2012 at 8:07 am

We’ve all been there, on both sides of the phone or Inbox.  She won’t stop calling, he won’t pick up.  Are my emails going to the Junk Folder?  Another email from him – Delete.  I’m not talking about singles asking for second dates. I’m referring to the proposal dance agencies and ad sellers play in this crowded marketplace.
Be it a factor of too many companies chasing the same digital budget, the almost inhumane time-constraints on buying teams, or a lack of resources all around, it feels like there’s a communication problem at the end of the sales / RFP / proposal process in digital media.
One common topic that usually comes up over a casual lunch or happy hour is the lack of business etiquette or manners from both sides of the sales aisle when it comes to the final part of the proposal process. The buyer perspective is something like this:  “An RFP is not a promise of business, I’m sorry you didn’t make the plan this time – just wasn’t a fit - but if you continue to hound me and fire emails into the client there likely won’t be a next time.”  The seller perspective is generally looking... Read more

10 Tips for sellers – Please, Please pay attention…

Posted by Sean Cheyney on April 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

I know that any type of sales is tough, especially when you're given a list and phone and told to start dialing. I truly appreciate sales people that do a good job. Historically, it typically results in a long term relationship with me. On the other hand, I've been receive some atrocious sales calls lately. I don't know why, but I've been observing the same pitfalls over and over. Some make me laugh after the fact, and some just plain rub me the wrong way.   You'll probably shake your head and chuckle over a few of these, and feel free to add more to the list.  Top 10 Cold Call Mistakes That Turn me off.  1. You don't know what type of business we're in.2. You continually call me by the wrong name3. Your phone connection is so bad I can't make out half of what you're telling me4. I politely tell you that I'm not interested because what you're selling doesn't apply to my business, and you decide to launch into a features and benefits monologue without giving me a chance to jump in. 5. I agree to review a media kit, and you send me a contract instead6. You leave me... Read more