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Will the rise of Exchanges and Demand Side Platforms change the face of online media trading? More opportunities, but greater challenges!

Posted by Osman Bangura on April 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Succeeding in the new age of digital media consumption will require aggressive adaption of current business models in order to suit the trends in the ecosystem in an efficient way that will lead to more revenue for publishers and better ROI for advertisers.
In today's rapidly evolving world of innovative technology, the need for creative solutions that would cut down costs, simplify processes, and increase transparency is drastically changing the digital media landscape. In online media consumption, the heat is on. An entire ecosystem is at the verge of loosing its traditional/classical structure.  The emergence of Ad Exchanges and Real Time Bidding (RTB's), as an auction-based market place to trade impressions based on the model: "the highest bidder gets it" is an innovative technology that does not only represent opportunity but a challenge for buyers and sellers in the market place.
Demand Side Platforms 'DSP's', which in many ways provides advertisers with enormous benefits is becoming 'the talk of the industry'.  Networks and agencies played an important middleman role in the old pre-buying model. In the new age of media consumption, actively serving clients using both models: the Pre-buying and RTB is crucial to survival and will be met with technological challenges.... Read more

Pre-Bought Vs. Demand-Side Platforms – Know The Difference

Posted by Jay Friedman on January 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Demand-side platforms, or DSPs are becoming a buzzword lately, along with impression scoring and real-time bidding.  These three terms all point to platforms that allow an advertiser to procure its inventory "on the spot" without any waste.  This is very different from the many ad networks that pre-buy their inventory in bulk and parse out on the back-end. 
Full disclosure here.  We are an ad network that does not pre-buy inventory.  We buy on demand as clients agree to work with us so that we can get the exact inventory that independent data says will fit their goals.  That said, firms like Invite Media and Media Math are now making news for similar functionality.  The gist is that whether buying through exchanges or through publishers directly, and pairing the latest behavioral data with that inventory, DSPs are able to acquire only the impressions that are the best fit for their advertisers' needs while turning away any impressions that don't make sense for clients on the roster at that time.  Many on the DSP side say that this method eliminates waste and improves metrics.
Networks that pre-buy, and most ad networks that have become popular in the last few years do so,... Read more