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3 Mobile Creative Best Practices

Posted by Scott Swanson on November 1st, 2012 at 12:32 am

This summer, after diving into data from campaigns running on our parent company's mobile ad platform, we discovered something pretty neat: Mobile campaigns that take full advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of the modern smartphone (e.g., HTML5, camera, video) always result in higher dwell times and interaction rates post-click.
Now, in the Q3 report, we're discovering something even better: the deeper characteristics of a high performing mobile campaign.
We found that those that emphasize fun and simplicity catalyzed the most user interaction and brand stickiness, and those that utilized new, innovative ad units delivered click-through rates of 5% and even higher. Incidentally, they also generated the most revenue and publisher satisfaction, so everyone was happy.
By closely observing these campaigns (two of which are demonstrated below) we were able to pull out some mobile creative best practices that will hopefully help mobile marketers as they think about how to best capture the attention of their roving audience.
Challenge the user's expectations
For Mazda, we used a “break-in”unit that enters from the outside and places the ad in position. The expanded unit dynamically drags the ad across the screen, causing surprise, as the user is accustomed to the static screen content of their mobile web browser.
Appeal to the senses
Mazda’s robotic arm effect... Read more

SEM Data Provides Creative Cues

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

The key words and phrases customers and prospects use most can be creative cues for other forms of branded messaging. But too few creatives mine the insights from SEO analytics.
Maybe its because SEO is considered to be an arcane art like alchemy or maybe because the data-centric nature of SEO puts off copywriters, but there is little connection between these players who often work on the same brand. To my way of thinking, it is missed cue and waste of resources. It seems to me that effective key words or phrases -- defined as those words and combinations of words that prompt significant clicks -- are proven indicators of rational or emotional brand or behavioral triggers. And given the wide variety of ways people search, it’s a veritable shortcut into the consumer psyche.
Something about these words or phrases instantly communicates a brand value or a proposition that searchers understand, believe and are willing to click on. What better cue about how to craft messages that will resonate with target audiences. And while two-to-five words do not an ad, an e-mail or a sell sheet make, there is an explicit direction to be discerned.
Writing effective key words is like origami. You have to twist, turn,... Read more