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Why Advertising Agencies need a Think Tank department

Posted by Clyde Desouza on December 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Modern Advertising agencies have standard departments that work in sync with each other to formulate an ad campaign and service their clients. There is the Creative department, Account Services and Media Services. Each advertising agency may also have more departments that are unique to them. Some newly formed divisions in traditional agencies will include the Digital Division that has now become a must have, as technology and Online Digital advertising is becoming a message delivery vehicle to the masses and a platform not to be ignored.
It is this fact – Technology and Digital, becoming entwined with advertising in the recent years, that has actually opened up the need for a more high level "Think Tank" division to be implemented for the benefit of an Advertising Agency. Nowhere in the past few decades has technology been so central to influencing the method of advertising as has been in the past decade or more precisely the past 5 years. As Marketing and Ad agencies start off the new decade in 2010, it is certain that two terms; "technology" and "Digital" will be the buzz words that drive the success of forward thinking agencies.
Media Delivery Platforms – Old and the New:
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