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3 CPG Soft Drink Social Media Campaigns Analyzed

Posted by Doug Schumacher on December 15th, 2014 at 12:33 pm

A look at the campaigns major CPG soft drink companies are running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brands in report are Coca-cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta.
Report Highlights

Each campaign had a different social network drive the bulk of the engagement.
Each campaign employed a tactic for generating audience participation.
Twitter is the network with the highest posting volume in each campaign.
Twitter, despite having lower fan counts than the corresponding Facebook pages, delivered more engagements on 2 of the 3 campaigns.
Facebook is the dominant network for reach, with over 92% of the average fan count.

4 Online Courses You Can Take to Support Your New Business Venture

Posted by Morgan Sims on December 3rd, 2014 at 10:21 am

Starting a new business is exciting and time-consuming. There's a lot to do to get your business under way and make sure it succeeds. Continuing your education and learning new skills will expand your knowledge base and give you a strong foundation to draw on as you face the inevitable challenges that come with running a business.
Fortunately, you can continue your education online, allowing you to hone your skills while growing your business. There are many options for taking courses online. Some of them are free; others come from schools that charge tuition. Some lead to degrees, while others simply improve your skills. Here are four ways you can improve your business skills online.
Take Free Online Courses From Coursera
Image via Flickr by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com
You'll find lots of great online classes at Coursera -- and they're free! Coursera has partnerships with universities and organizations around the world, meaning you're not limited to local knowledge. You'll watch online videos, take quizzes, and submit assignments. Courses cover general business topics as well as specialized areas like statistics. Some courses let you study at your own pace and can be started at any time, while others start on specific dates and run for a... Read more

Technology Transforming the Fashion Industry

Posted by Neal Leavitt on November 27th, 2014 at 5:28 pm

Last week after a nice lunch with my sister, niece, brother-in-law and cousin, I got corralled into following them into Nordstrom’s in downtown San Francisco. I quickly realized that with only two magazines, a book, and a smartphone, it would be a challenging afternoon.
And once my niece pulled about a half-dozen outfits off a rack and said “I just want to try on a few things,” the situation became untenable. Elevated heart rate. Accelerated pulse. Beads of sweat on forehead. If the store had started playing Slim Whitman songs, my head would have exploded, similar to what happened to the little green Martians in Tim Burton’s campy Mars Attacks.
Quickly gave everyone a hug and said I was dashing out to Ghirardelli’s for a sundae (dark chocolate hot fudge; medical studies have indicated dark chocolate’s good for you, ergo, Ghirardelli’s sundaes are healthy. Bit of twisted logic but effective for assuaging any guilt feelings).
But while scraping away the last nanometer of ice cream, it got me thinking about how technology has radically changed the fashion industry in just a few short years.
“Technology is now completely ingrained in our interaction and relationship with fashion retail,” said... Read more

Why LA is the new Silicon Valley

Posted by David Zaleski on November 21st, 2014 at 1:27 pm

When people think of LA, they think Hollywood. Los Angeles is world-renowned for having a creative hub unlike anywhere else in the world. Artists flock here in droves and for good reason: We have a creative infrastructure like none other. People also think of LA and think of palm trees, beaches, sunshine, and -- of course -- traffic.
It's not often that this city is perceived at as a technological pioneer. However, it turns out that tech in LA is an under-reported powerhouse that rivals that of any other mainstream innovative city. The tech industry is almost as large as the creative world that Los Angeles is broadly known for. There are more PHDs in this city than anywhere else in the country. Three universities (USC, UCLA, and Caltech) account for a vast amount of the technological education that changes the world. It begs the question: If LA is such a tech giant, why is it not perceived that way?
The answer, ironically, lies in storytelling. For a city that is an expert in crafting narratives and character, it's been difficult for it to find a PR angle to deliver a consumable story about its tech world. Unlike San Francisco and Silicon... Read more

The business world – a new infographic from The Language Factory

Posted by Russell Morling on November 21st, 2014 at 8:48 am

A brand new infographic has been released by The Language Factory detailing some interesting facts about the languages of international business.
Germans love structure and the country has always had a reputation for efficiency and structure - they’re not famous for Vorsprung durch Technik for nothing. And if you’re in a meeting there, make sure you arrive on time and when you say what you mean, mean what you say!
Interestingly, though the British may have a reputation for being a bit uptight and hard-working, the average Brit currently works around 1,650 hours per year. They may not reach the dizzying heights of the 2,000 hours or more worked by Koreans, Mexicans or Greeks, but we’re still ahead of our German and Dutch neighbours, all of whom average less than 1,400 hours per year!
An impressive 6.15% of the world’s inhabitants speak Spanish as a native language, beating English by more than 0.5%. But both languages combined still fall some way short of Mandarin in terms of global coverage. The Iberian Peninsula however does boast (for the language aficionados out there) the last remaining pre-Indo-European language, Basque, a language with ancient origins which has influenced Spanish as it is spoken today.
Transport... Read more