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When Words Don't Work from the Customer Perspective

Posted by Jeannie Walters on December 2nd, 2014 at 5:30 am

I've been in lots of meetings, particularly regarding digital user interface designs, when the term "accessibility" is tossed around. We know, for the most part, how we *should* make things "accessible" for the greater population, but we don't always know how.
It's easy, when we look at the world through our very own lens, to think our way will work for all. But there are so many ways to make things better for those who otherwise may not be able to access the information and tools available.
Whose lens are you looking through?
Customer experience is, overall, an exercise in challenging the lens you have. Playing the role of the sales director or the ecommerce lead or even the head of human resources means we use that lens to view the world. Our role in business is to accomplish something - higher conversions, better engagement, increased revenue, lower turnover, etc.
Our customer approaches their experience with us in a totally different way. The customer wants to accomplish something, too, but often it has nothing to do with the goals the leaders of an organization have. Our customer needs guidance. Our customer seeks better understanding of how to use the tools we sold them. Our customer... Read more

Are Agencies and Marketing Pros Equipped to Play the Domain Game?

Posted by Dima Beitzke on December 1st, 2014 at 7:51 am

Domain names are fairly simple, right? Just go online, buy one, and link it to your website. Then, typing it into a browser’s address bar will be the easiest and most direct way for customers to find more information about a company, product or marketing campaign.
It all seems pretty straightforward, but in reality there are a lot things happening in the background and issues that need to be navigated in order to find, purchase and manage the right domain (or portfolio of domains). IT, legal, sales, marketing and a number of other disciplines all come into play in order to execute a successful domain strategy. Most every company has experts in each of these fields, but they may not have a resource with just the right knowledge about each of them to play the domain game successfully.
Think about it.
Finding the right name is the first hurdle. You have to understand the difference between registries, registrars and the domain aftermarket so you know where to look for your desired name. If the domain you’re looking for is already registered – and chances are good that it will be if you’re seeking something with common words or nearly anything using a .com... Read more

Technology Transforming the Fashion Industry

Posted by Neal Leavitt on November 27th, 2014 at 5:28 pm

Last week after a nice lunch with my sister, niece, brother-in-law and cousin, I got corralled into following them into Nordstrom’s in downtown San Francisco. I quickly realized that with only two magazines, a book, and a smartphone, it would be a challenging afternoon.
And once my niece pulled about a half-dozen outfits off a rack and said “I just want to try on a few things,” the situation became untenable. Elevated heart rate. Accelerated pulse. Beads of sweat on forehead. If the store had started playing Slim Whitman songs, my head would have exploded, similar to what happened to the little green Martians in Tim Burton’s campy Mars Attacks.
Quickly gave everyone a hug and said I was dashing out to Ghirardelli’s for a sundae (dark chocolate hot fudge; medical studies have indicated dark chocolate’s good for you, ergo, Ghirardelli’s sundaes are healthy. Bit of twisted logic but effective for assuaging any guilt feelings).
But while scraping away the last nanometer of ice cream, it got me thinking about how technology has radically changed the fashion industry in just a few short years.
“Technology is now completely ingrained in our interaction and relationship with fashion retail,” said... Read more

3 Tips For Your Company’s Blog

Posted by Morgan Sims on November 18th, 2014 at 6:49 am

In today’s marketing world, it is a very obvious thing that a blog is needed for most reputable businesses. As many business owners are not particularly the blogging or marketing type, they may become very confused and end up hurting their brand. The name blogging got a bad name in many business owners’ heads or have a misconception of what a blog should contain. Some business owners think of a blog as a place to vent or think of it as a place to put personal opinions rather than facts. This will guide business owners in what they should put into their blogs and what they should avoid.
Don’t Try To Sell All The Time
Your product pages on your sites are the things that should sell for you on your website. Readers will tire if every single blog post that goes up is trying to push another product on them. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t mention your product in any of your posts but it should not be the focal point of every single one of your posts. The only time that it should be the focal point is if you are releasing a new product that there has... Read more

Guilt By Association: Marketers and Anonymous Apps

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on November 13th, 2014 at 5:04 am

We focus a lot on how advancements in ad technology impact digital adertising at 140 Proof, but we also enjoy exploring the ways we behave across social networks as a result of these developments. For data on how we use social networks to express different sides of our personalities, check out the IPG Media Labs study.
A brief foray into the world of anonymous apps reveals why the new social media space is no longer on the down low. With the swipe of a thumb, it’s now possible to learn about the sexually deviant escapades of the faceless individual <100 meters away; sympathize with the self-loathing health nut who just scarfed down a Big Mac; and puzzle out the identity of an anonymous friend who claims to hate her husband.
Exactly what anonymous apps mean for modern culture and how they will be monetized remains to be seen, but it hinges on the interpretation of user behavior.

Fear and Loathing in Anonymous Apps
At first swipe, the content shared on anonymous social media sites appears markedly different from the streams of edited photos, cheery statuses, and humble-brag tweets found on public networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Whereas the interests and aspirations... Read more