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25 Top Father’s Day Posts From Last Year

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 19th, 2015 at 1:16 pm

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of the top Father’s Day posts from last year. These are the top 25 from the largest consumer brands on Facebook. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

A savvy Instagram promotion from fashion retailer ShoeDazzle

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 18th, 2015 at 12:29 pm

As we’ve shown in the past, Instagram is delivering great levels of engagement, in particular for fashion brands.
That means brands are going to want to be building their audience on the network. How are fashion brands doing that through their Instagram posting? Typical questions marketers have around this type of campaign are: What topics or themes are used to build audience on Instagram? How long do the campaigns run? How much posting is used? How are those posts scheduled?
We’ll answer those questions and others in this post.
To start, I went into Zuum’s Subject Analyzer to look for interesting promotional campaigns that generated solid engagement rate. ShoeDazzle’s #SummerSandalSteal stood out both for it’s volume and engagement level.
Our first view is an overall campaign analysis, featured directly below. Notice the major metrics. Posting volume of 5, average engagement level of .55%, and the calendar view in the Posting By Day chart.
ShoeDazzle’s #SummerSandalSteal Campaign

Note the content of the posts, directly above. Simple steps to enter a drawing to win a free pair of sandals. The request is simple and straight-forward. Follow and mention the brand in a post, and include the campaign hashtags. Those parameters make it easier for the brand to track performance, while also... Read more

Top tequila brand posts on Facebook in May

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 17th, 2015 at 12:24 pm

What do tequila brands post on Facebook? Looking at the top ten posts for May, you can see a few trends that are showing up in this list of top posts. Drink recipes, holiday celebrations, and salutes to moms on Mother’s Day. Recipes in particular are a common theme on this list, with 3 of the top ten posts having recipes.
Top 10 Tequila Brand Facebook Posts in May

Also notable is that, per our Subject Analyzer chart below, 20 of the 102 posts from all brands in May were tequila recipes. While recipes may be a well-worked theme in the food and beverage category overall, it also seems that it’s something people are still interested, at least for this group. For any brand looking to increase the impact of their posts, recipes would seem to be a solid approach.

One more chart — all 20 of the recipes posted in May. The +24 metric on the far right is an estimate of the percent of engagement driven by paid promotion for each post. Overall, not an enormous amount of promotion.

A pet food campaign from Natural Balance that’s leading the pack

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 11th, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Pet foods is a crowded category with a lot of competitors, and every time we analyze this industry, we see something interesting. For this view, I want to look at industry activity for the month of May, and see what campaigns stand out.
To start, we’ll take an overall view of the industry posting in our Subject Analyzer, below. In this report, there are a number of charts providing a complete view of posting volume per social network, engagements generated per social network, and daily posting and engagement levels for each brand and network. A very comprehensive first view.
Notice in the Engagements By Day chart how there are several enormous spikes for the Natural Balance brand. Posts that performed well above the norm in this industry for the month of May.

Those spikes are a definite point of interest, so we’re going to refine our view to isolate on the same data view but strictly for the Natural Balance brand, below. This view makes our three primary spikes stand out even more, per the Engagements By Date chart. In the Posting By Day chart, we can see that posting volume didn’t spike that sharply on any of the dates that month, which places emphasis... Read more

How much impact are hospitals getting from Instagram?

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 10th, 2015 at 12:46 pm

For more visually-driven industries, like fashion, Instagram is driving some impressive engagement levels. However, with other industries, the value of Instagram may be less apparent, and require some additional analysis.
Let’s take the category of children’s hospitals, and see how we might assess the potential of Instagram for this industry. It’s notable that less than half of the children’s hospitals we looked at even had Instagram accounts. But by analyzing how Instagram performs for those hospitals relative to their other social media accounts will tell us a lot about the impact of that network.
To start, we’ll look at the overall posting activity for the month of May, 2015 for the four children’s hospitals active on Instagram. This is presented in the Instagram Subject Analyzer, below.
Instagram activity for Children’s Hospital brands

In the Posts chart, it shows a total of 40 posts for May from these 4 brands. Not a high level of volume. We can compare that to the posting volume on other networks in the Global Posts Leaderboard, below. Instagram is one of the least posted on networks for this group of hospitals.

Should they be posting more? That would depend in part on how their Instagram posts are performing. So let’s look... Read more