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3 Things You Need to Avoid When Building Backlinks

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 6th, 2015 at 7:48 am

The link building process is demanding. Therefore, you don’t want to make any mistakes that will see your previous efforts wasted. We take a look at some mistakes you should avoid as you embark on a link building campaign.
Getting nofollow backlinks
Nofollow links are a way for a webmaster to tell the search engines that a link should be ignored. This means a nofollow backlink may be ignored by Google and won’t be counted as a backlink.
Therefore, as you go about building your backlinks, you need to be sure that your host doesn’t use the nofollow tag for external links or else you are basically wasting your time. This mistake is often seen when you are building links through a link exchange. If you are putting a lot of effort into content for a link then it should be a dofollow link.
Some SEO experts suggest that nofollow links are still quality signals in the search engines. They contest that Google uses them to identify whether a link profile is natural, and whether there are big sites linking but nofollowing. It kind of makes sense that Google would do this. Google wants a natural search engine, ranking those sites that offer most... Read more

Reasons Why You Should Go To A Few Internet Marketing Conferences

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 5th, 2015 at 11:39 am

Internet marketing conferences are one of the things that certain agencies religiously go to while others just skip out on them. The companies that skip out on the conferences are missing out on many things with one of which being that people in internet marketing love to have fun and stay casual. Internet marketing has a lot to do with the quality work that you do but also the relationships that you develop. Often times you can have a blast while boosting your rapport with a client and they will not leave in the future even if you increase your rates.
You Can Learn Something
There are so many ways to view SEO that it is crazy and many of these views are correct in their own way. Listening to some of the brightest minds in internet marketing is not only a way to learn but it can also change the way you approach certain problems. Although you may be set in your ways, listening to a new perspective may just affirm that your strategy is sound and you will not make changes. If you are just entering the world of internet marketing, doing research on certain terms that are used is... Read more

Different Types of Businesses That Really Benefit From Localized SEO and Some Tips

Posted by Morgan Sims on December 30th, 2014 at 8:52 am

SEO is one of the greatest tools that one could use in their marketing approach when it comes to their business. The days of looking in the phone book when searching for a business are a distant memory now. Localized SEO applies to many companies whether they realize they need it or not. The smaller the area that the company operates in, the more important it is to rank higher than the other local competition.
Plumbers, Roofers, and Contractors
These professions are hypercompetitive as there are people who can offer a better price but sometimes a low price does not offer the quality one would want. Having your roofing service rank as high as possible could mean the difference between having a full schedule or not having enough work. Plumbers have a different type of pricing and many people do not know whether they are getting a good deal, review websites like Yelp or other sites can immensely improve your chances of getting new business. Garnering traffic to some type of blog that gives advice is also important in these skills that some people have little to no knowledge about. Claiming the local listings online is also an important step in improving... Read more

2015 Marketing Predictions You Can Set Your Digital Watch By

Posted by Kent Lewis on December 19th, 2014 at 12:12 pm

However improbably, December has already arrived, and with it, the traditional impulse to take stock of the year drawing to a close and try to imagine what we’ll be getting ourselves into with the next one. Digital marketing is particularly rich soil for this treatment both because of the blinding pace at which the underlying technologies evolve, and the fact that most of us in the field are more than a little inclined toward the sentimental. Accordingly, we at Anvil enjoy making a formal exercise every year out of having this conversation, and it’s time to have it again, so take a break from wrapping presents and meet me over at the crystal ball.

How To Compete With the Huge Corporations When Marketing Travel Websites

Posted by Morgan Sims on December 12th, 2014 at 11:41 am

Travel is one of the most incredibly hard industries to try to make your own way in. This is because many of the large competitors have cornered the market in many different ways. If the larger entities cannot market better than you but they can definitely outspend your budget to leave you in the dust. For this variety of reasons, you cannot get into a battle when money is involved but having efficient tactics of marketing a travel site or travel provider are important when you cannot match the volume of some of your competitors.
Quality Over Quantity With Links
Travel sites tend to link build for the generic keywords and even some of the largest companies have been penalized for Google for unethical link building practices. A smaller travel company cannot have the budget to buy thousands of low tier links but should concentrate on getting links on high tier sites. When doing this, it can help curb the advantage that the larger corporations have over you. A great infographic that is shared over a thousand times and reposted on giant sites is worth far more than links that are in directories or something of that nature. The content that you... Read more