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5 Reasons Startups Should Pay Marketing Agencies More Than Brands Do

Posted by David Murdico on May 13th, 2015 at 2:59 am

The myth out there is that startups don’t have very high budgets because they’re - you know - startups, so they shouldn’t pay marketing agencies, ad agencies, the gardener, the people at the counter at Burger King - or other professionals at the same rates that those nasty big brands do.
They should pay more.
Working with a startup team takes every bit as much time, creativity, effort, critical thinking, planning, strategizing, communication and resources as working with the marketing team at a big brand, and probably more. Here’s why.
1. Nobody knows who you are yet
Building awareness is a lot of work. You have to define who you are - not just the logo and tagline, but what do you stand for? What are you offering? Why should people care and how do you convey that messaging?  Creating shareable content including videos, posting updates on social media and getting PR is only part of it.
Who are you selling to? Where do they  find their purchasing information? Who influences them? Who do they trust and why?
Then you can work on what kinds of content they like to read, watch and share. Then you can decide how much call to action to include and... Read more

Just what is Skittles posting on Twitter?

Posted by Doug Schumacher on May 8th, 2015 at 9:43 am

Skittles has been one of the more interesting brands online, known for a unique, often abstract approach to everything from their website to their tweets. Their Twitter posts in particular have been cited for their off-the-wall style. Marketing messages living outside the usual strategic boxes can seem difficult to analyze, as it's often not something we've seen before.
So I want review the topics Skittles has been posting on Twitter over the past 6 months and take a deeper dive into the tweets behind those themes.
Below is a word cloud showing the topics of Skittles' tweets during the 6 months from November to April.

Much of that time period was during the NFL's runup to the Super Bowl. With a brand so focused on being in the conversation of the moment, it makes sense to see so much content focused on that.
With the most engaging terms in red and at the center of the mix, you can see a lot of activity around moneylynch, the Twitter handle for Seattle Seahawk's running back Marshawn Lynch, as well as other football-related topics.
Skittles and Marshawn Lynch have had a particularly interesting relationship going back to his junior football days, and the brand made the relationship an official sponsorship. So lets take a look at how Skittles,... Read more

The best photos from the 2015 iMedia ASPY Awards

Posted by Bethany Simpson on May 7th, 2015 at 12:39 pm

It's official! The winners of the 2015 iMedia ASPY Awards were announced this week at the iMedia Agency Summit. The ASPY Awards are are determined 100% by votes from the agency community. With more than 1500 votes from agency executives, this year's list of winners is a solid reflection of the partner companies agencies most value in 2015. Click here to see more about each of the winners.

Scroll down to see more pics from the evening.
The winners of the 2015 iMedia ASPY Awards:

Best Data, Research, or Analytics Solution: Google Analytics (finalists: Bit.ly, eMarketer, Flurry from Yahoo, Ghostery, Simply Measured)
Best Mobile Partner: Pandora (finalists: Conversant, PlaceIQ, Tapad, Thinknear)
Best New Media Innovation: Tapad Device Graph RTB Access (finalists: Are You a Human, Bionic Ad Platform, INVIDI, SET by Conversant)
Best Programmatic Partner: The Trade Desk (finalists: Accordant Media, DataXu, Goodway Group, MediaMath)
Best Social Partner: BuzzFeed (finalists: Hootsuite, MomentFeed, NetBase, Spredfast)
Best Video Partner: TubeMogul (finalists: Adap.TV, NCC Media, Visible Measures, YuMe)
2015 Customer Service Award: eMarketer (finalists: Goodway Group, Tapad, Thinknear, YuME)
Rising Star: Chris Martin, Tapad (finalists: Andrew Skerlov, Goodway Group; Chris Martin, Tapad; Matthew Paster, Facebook; Taylor Harris, Pandora)
Industry Luminary: Peter Naylor, Hulu (finalists: Carolyn Everson, Facebook; Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath; Lisa Utzschneider, yahoo; Tod... Read more

Tackling the talent conundrum

Posted by Nanette Marcus on May 5th, 2015 at 1:32 pm

The bottleneck with developing new companies and innovative technology used to be funding. These days, it's talent.

Altay Guvench, partner and co-founder at 10x Management, gave iMedia Agency Summit attendees a taste of what's to come.

Guvench's company, 10x Management, for example, has created a new way for companies to find qualified talent. It's less like a headhunter and more like a talent agency.

"We work for the talent," Guvench noted. "Our mission is to optimize the happiness."

Part of what Guvench's company does is help its pool of freelancers achieve the growing desire for work/life balance. Some of them want to take over the world, but sost of them just want the freedom. They want the ability to work from home. "They work for three months, and then take a month off to travel," Guvench explained.

His company is seeing that there's a sweet spot where people like to work 20-30 hours a week. Some of them spend a portion of their days working for Guvench's clients, and then focus on their own businesses on the side. "It's a way to de-risk entrepreneurship," he explained.

Although 10x Management's talent includes Ivy League pedigrees, quite a few of them come from non-traditional backgrounds. Guvench told the... Read more

Diesel's #dieselhigh campaign analyzed

Posted by Doug Schumacher on May 5th, 2015 at 9:35 am

Diesel has long been one of the more innovative brands in marketing, online and off. So I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at how this brand approached one of their major campaigns themes during the first quarter of 2015.
Below is Zuum's Subject Analysis report of one of their major campaign themes in Q1 of 2015, #dieselhigh. It provides a complete overview of the campaign's attributes and performance level, including posting volume, engagement level, top themes of the campaign, and the top posts, for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Diesel's campaigns are often quirky and unconventional, fueling a sense of freshness and excitement. Looking at the posts at the bottom of the report -- the most engaging posts in this campaign for each network -- you can see the level of creative latitude they have with this campaign theme.
In the Posts chart in the upper left, note the high volume of Instagram posting. It's a reflection of that network's progress from outlier to mainstream adoption. Instagram is now well-established as the network that generates high engagement rates. And looking at the Engagements chart above right, you can see that it's also generating a significant percentage of the overall engagement. That's even more impressive considering the relatively small... Read more