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5 digital marketing myths busted

Posted by Jill Draper on April 23rd, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Once considered the new kid on the block, digital marketing is now a $117 billion-plus industry worldwide, and is currently the key driver in global ad spending. But, like the technology that makes it possible, digital marketing is a moving target, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest best practices, even for tech-savvy marketers.
The digital space has given rise to more than its share of marketing myths – misguided notions that can cause marketers to waste valuable time pursuing ineffective strategies. Here are five marketing myths and the reasons why you shouldn’t necessarily believe them:
“Likes” on Facebook are the ultimate way to measure social media success. Ever since social media platforms became a preferred communication venue for a new generation, marketers have looked for ways to push their brands out there and build a fan base. That’s great as far as it goes, but what is the return on investment? These days, new techniques make social media marketing more measurable, and new technologies are giving digital marketers a fresh lens to view the landscape. Because of these developments, which allow marketers to assign tiers to value, “likes” are less meaningful, and deeper social media engagement... Read more

4 tips for entrepreneurs to get mobile right

Posted by Hugh Reynolds on April 23rd, 2014 at 12:20 pm

For nearly all entrepreneurs today, some form of mobile app strategy is essential, whether it's B2C, B2B, mobile-first, or otherwise. The reason for this is that mobile is now the go-to screen for many, and when they're on that screen, 80 percent of their time is spent in applications.
In other words, people will want to interact with your business via your mobile app and you need to make sure they can do just that. Already, thanks to this shift in consumer behavior, mobile’s share of commerce continues to grow each year. According to Forrester, total mobile sales are expected to grow 33% a year, to $31 billion by 2017.
So, you need a great mobile app because consumers are consuming more on mobile? Well, yes. Sort of. Mobile sales are growing, but for they still represent a small portion of overall sales. For most U.S. retailers, mobile only represents 1.5% of online sales today and will only reach 9% of online sales in 2017. But this isn’t a reason not to get serious about your mobile approach. Quite the opposite, as Forrester faults the retailers for low total transaction rates and claims retailers have “made it difficult for customers to check... Read more

Creative quality assurance when working with RTBs

Posted by Phuc-Hoang Anh-Tu on April 22nd, 2014 at 11:15 am

Third-party ad exchanges are a great solution for earning revenue from unsold inventory and bulk inventory. For a top-tier publisher already running top-tier national and regional campaigns, there are gotchas that can be detrimental to existing sources of revenue and relationships, hence the need for creative quality-assurance when working with third-party ad exchanges.
The first concern in filling unsold inventory with exchange campaigns is the grade of the advertisers and their creatives. The sales force of premium publishers use the high production look and feel of their publication as a selling aid. As a consequence they ask agencies to provide ‘nice’ looking creatives consistent with the environment in order to continue engaging their audience. So they are concerned about seeing less than professionally produced creatives next to the high cost rich media creatives of their own accounts. Corollary to that is the thinking that low cost creatives come from non-top-tier brands more suited to non-top-tier publishers. This concern has to do with not knowing how much control their operations team will have over the type of exchange campaigns that will run on the publisher website and the quality of the exchanges accounts.
The second concern is how the publisher will be able... Read more

5 Ways to Negotiate Salary When the Base "Is What It Is"

Posted by Jane Turkewitz on April 21st, 2014 at 8:01 am

You're looking for a new opportunity. Of course you'd like a bump in salary, or at the very least, to be where you are now, or were in your last job (if recently laid off).  I get it. And, so should HR teams and hiring managers.
However, sometimes, budgets are fixed.  Companies often have strict guidelines in terms of base salary ranges that they can offer for particular positions. For example, a Director–level position might offer a range of $125K-$140K on the base, based on one’s experience. Well, what if you were most recently earning a $155K base and are excited about this new opportunity put forth, but do not want to take a cut in salary and $140K is the final offer?
Here are some suggestions on how you can negotiate a better overall package, either from a financial or lifestyle point of view.
Ask for a Sign-On Bonus
Sure, a sign on bonus gives you extra dough in your pocket for one year and one year only. BUT, assuming you kick ass your first year, you'll most likely get a raise in year two anyhow, and it does bring your overall package up. For the companies behind the offer, even a small... Read more

iMedia Industry Update: Trends in Commerce

Posted by Chris Arens on April 18th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

The first quarter of 2014 is already in the books. Wow. Time flies. It seems like just yesterday that we were worried about Y2K and whether or not one could reasonably sell products online with a positive margin. Pets.com couldn't. But Amazon.com has certainly long since shown any naysayers that it is a more than viable way to do business.
Here at iMedia, as we continue to crank through Q2, all eyes are on the topic of commerce. It's by no means a new focus for our industry -- but it is one of the fastest moving. Back in the early 2000s, the conversation was dominated by marketers trying to convince brands that their consumers were online. At summits back then, we spent a lot of time making (somewhat futile) comparisons between online tactics and their older, traditional brethren. Although it's frustrating that some of the questions of yesteryear still haven't been resolved completely, the industry has continued to move forward.
These days, iMedia guests and readers are focused on the pervasiveness of the digital medium -- and how to harness it for continued brand (and ultimately sales) success. In June, iMedia will bring the foremost experts on the matter together at... Read more