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Lest we forget the importance of great products

Posted by Lizzie Serber on July 2nd, 2015 at 11:04 am

As marketers, we deal daily in buzzwords like big data, content marketing, programmatic, omni-channel – the myriad ways to find and capture our audiences in the crevices of the interwebs. These things are integral to our success, and they make for an exciting and ever-changing industry. Actually, my very meta career is based on the fact that marketers always want and need to learn more about marketing and the coolest new ad-tech products out there. But recently I tasted Not Your Father’s Root Beer, and I felt like my thinking had been re-calibrated to focus on product perfection first and foremost. Here’s how it happened:
I was beer shopping at a specialty store in San Diego a few weeks ago. An employee saw me scanning the aisles, walked up to me, handed me a bottle, and said, “You have to try this. Trust me.” Just like that, he was gone. I thought, “Sure, why not?” So I bought one single bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer, a 5.9% ABV ale “with the taste of spices” produced by a small town brewery – literally, it’s called Small Town Brewery.
Intrigued, I shared the bottle with a fellow beer-loving coworker. We were immediately... Read more

Ranking 25 of the most engaging brands on Facebook

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 am

This is a new regular content feature we’ll have on our blog. A leaderboard of 25 of the brands generating the most engagements on Facebook.
The goal of this is to capture the Facebook content and community traits of the top brands operating in the US. So we’ve put several constraints on which brands are selected. Brands must be operating in the US, we’ll use the US page unless there’s only a global page, brands must be consumer products vs B2B, and we’re excluding technology and entertainment brands, as our goal is to better understand how typical consumer products work on social media, and both of those categories tend to skew towards extremely high engagement due to the product type.
In the leaderboard below, this month the top brand is Monster Energy. We rank the brands by total engagements generated (likes, shares and comments) on their public posts.
This total can include posts that were promoted to increase engagement. You can get a sense for how much a brand is promoting content by comparing the Engagement column to the 24h Engagement column, which is the estimate for non-paid engagement. The bigger the difference between those two columns, the more influence we estimate promotion... Read more

Tostitos’ #anyexcusetoparty campaign analyzed on Facebook

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 30th, 2015 at 9:05 am

Below is a leaderboard showing post and page activity for a number of the leading brands in the “dips” category. You can see the brands involved in this analysis, their fan base, growth rate, posting volume, etc.

In the chart below, you can see the most impacting topics in this category for the month of May.

Campaigns are often particularly good to examine, and especially highly-engaging ones. So the #anyexcusetoparty hashtag stands out as one to explore. Below is an analysis of that campaign’s activity on Facebook. Not heavy posting volume, but except for the first week, a regular schedule of posting every Thursday. You can also see they were all photo posts.

So what are these highly engaging posts? Below, you can see the style and format. Finding any excuse for chips and dip, with the loose script and casual party scenes adding to the supposed spontaneity.

Twitter and snack foods: An industry overview

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 29th, 2015 at 2:08 pm

While there are a lot of questions lately about Twitter, it’s business model, and its role for brands in the social media landscape, one thing is certain: Brands are continuing to use it.
Below is an analysis for some of the world’s leading snack food brands. To start, notice their volume of posting on Twitter vs the other networks. Whatever is being debated about the value of Twitter for brands, in this industry, every brand posts on Twitter more than any other network. Usually the difference is by a wide margin.

So how are they posting on Twitter? The Posts chart below is an analysis of the overall posting volume, as well as a Posting Calendar breakout for each brand.
It’s notable that despite Twitter photos having been around since 2011, only half of this industry’s tweets were photos. While photos on Facebook have performed considerably better than text for a while now, and brands have reflected that in their format selection for Facebook posts, brands are still using text posts significantly on Twitter.

Lastly, let’s look at the top posts for this industry. Below are the top 10 posts for these brands for the month of May. Per our commentary about format type, 3 of the top... Read more