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How To Get The Very Best Business VoIP Service

Posted by Morgan Sims on October 20th, 2014 at 7:17 am

It is very important for a company to learn all that is possible about business VoIP services before making a final choice. You basically need to know as much as possible about the services you are about to receive. Online research will help you out a lot and you can also ask around in order to see as much as possible about different services and professionals. You need to have all the information that is necessary in order to make the best decision.
We have different professional companies that currently offer great business VoIP services and that can give you access to very good connections. You can find them by simply looking at as many as you can find, analyze services and then spot normal differences that exist. When you do that, you manage to get a lot of great market information that allows making the best possible decision.
Using The Internet
The online world features all the information that you need in order to compare service providers. You have to search for data on the internet by using websites that highlight these services or through major search engines. The second option is the one that is the most diversified and that will... Read more

Data and Disruption

Posted by Greg Kihlström on October 20th, 2014 at 4:30 am

There are billions of dollars at work to try to describe an ever-changing world to industries where opportunities and risks at stake have never been higher. Between the speed of stock transactions and a real-time advertising bid alone, we are often shaping and reshaping our world in increments of fractions of a second.  In the marketing and advertising world alone, this is light-years away from media plans and buys that were done months, weeks, days, even hours in advance.
We live in a world where two competing ideas and philosophies are at work. We have big data, which takes the petabytes of data at our disposal and makes calculations and predictions based on similar cases, people, events, you name it.
The promise of big data is that it can be used to predict what people will do, when and where they will do it, and how much they are willing to pay for it. It uses as many factors as can be obtained, and models them based on what other, similar people have done. Age, gender, location, previous purchase, and anything else marketers can get their hands on are used to get to the best guess of when a purchase decision will... Read more

Content marketing: How to come up with original ideas

Posted by Ann Smarty on October 17th, 2014 at 7:00 am

It seems as though every idea has been done, these days. The same basic tropes, whether with online content or literature, are done over and over again. Sure, they are given new a spin from time to time. But the same general idea is recycled until it is seen everywhere.
Even when you feel you have come up with an original idea, it will turn out to have been done before. While this is understandable (and expected) with most creative mediums, it is harder to deal with when it comes to content. You have a very short amount of time to leave an impression, and so people tend to be less forgiving.
How Can I Come Up With Something Original?
You can't, at least not entirely. Everything has pretty much been done in some capacity. You will be able to add a new bent to an idea, but what makes it unique will ultimately be the tone and way that you present it.
There is no chance that you will create something 100% original. But you can create something that is 100% you. Try these tips for achieving that tone, and you will at... Read more

Native Advertising Coda

Posted by Fernando Bohorquez Jr. on October 16th, 2014 at 9:17 am

This post is co-authored by Alan M. Pate
As a closing note to our five-part series All Native Advertising is Not Equal: Why that matters Under the First Amendment and Why it Should Matter to the FTC, we provide a brief update on developments since the article was initially published in May 2014, as well as summarize a few practical pointers for marketers and advertisers.
FTC Update
Although there has been no official native advertising guidance or regulations from the FTC, we were recently provided an unofficial glimpse into where the agency just might be heading during Ad Week in New York City. At a September 30th, 2014 conference hosted by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC) and National Advertising Division (NAD), FTC attorney Mary K. Engle pointed to an FTC opinion from the 1980’s, In re R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company[1], as a likely starting point for the agency’s analysis of native advertising and commercial v. non-commercial speech issues today.
Dating back to 1988, the R.J. Reynolds case involved an advertisement entitled “Of Cigarettes and Science,” distributed by the major tobacco company R.J. Reynolds. Among other things, the “Of Cigarettes and Science” ad promoted an allegedly “scientific” study disputing the... Read more

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Your Lock Screen, But They Shouldn’t Get It

Posted by Matt Rosenberg on October 16th, 2014 at 7:07 am

Wherever consumers are, an ad is close behind. Big Data is now critical for marketers to better understand their audience and deliver more relevant ads to the right people. However, even the most on-target message can go awry if the delivery is botched. Two-thirds of consumers in the US and UK already say they see too many ads. And now ad tech companies want to give marketers access to smartphone lock screens? Sounds problematic.
The fact that something can be used as ad space doesn’t mean it should be, from this guy’s head to manhole covers and more. The problem in advertising isn’t that we don’t have enough inventory. But expansion into lock screen territory is already underway.
Mobile Marketers Are Locking Horns Over Your Lock Screen
We’ve already seen push notification apps like Yo pick up traction with more than 50,000 active users communicating via lock screen alerts. Yo earned laughs for its simplicity, but the company made a name for itself and established a dominant position on the lock screen. Although Yo didn’t invent the idea of putting a brand on the lock screen, interest has ramped up like crazy in the time since.
This coveted mobile real estate is prime for direct communication to... Read more