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Jukin Media's innovative approach to viral videos

Posted by Nanette Marcus on November 21st, 2014 at 2:50 pm

One might assume that it's no easy feat to identify a viral video's potential before it's reached the masses, but as it turns out, Jukin Media has got it down to a science. The Los Angeles-based agency shared some of its behind-the-scenes magic during a NewCo event hosted at Jukin's offices Nov. 19.

Josh Entman, co-founder and and chief development officer of Jukin Media, walked attendees through some of the company's strategies for making viral sensations out of carefully curated short-form video content identified by its strategically placed researchers in every time zone.
Jukin prides itself on owning the entire life cycle of a viral video -- most of which you'd recognize immediately because, well, they've gone viral. Entman explained that using specific parameters, his team quickly identifies videos with potential to go viral, reaches out to the content creators after a detailed vetting process to ensure that they are, in fact, the true owners of the content, and offers them a contract, which typically includes a 50/50 revenue-sharing agreement -- for revenue generated with YouTube ads, etc.
The company helps boost the video views by working to place them on outlets like The Today Show, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and popular MTV clip... Read more

Why LA is the new Silicon Valley

Posted by David Zaleski on November 21st, 2014 at 1:27 pm

When people think of LA, they think Hollywood. Los Angeles is world-renowned for having a creative hub unlike anywhere else in the world. Artists flock here in droves and for good reason: We have a creative infrastructure like none other. People also think of LA and think of palm trees, beaches, sunshine, and -- of course -- traffic.
It's not often that this city is perceived at as a technological pioneer. However, it turns out that tech in LA is an under-reported powerhouse that rivals that of any other mainstream innovative city. The tech industry is almost as large as the creative world that Los Angeles is broadly known for. There are more PHDs in this city than anywhere else in the country. Three universities (USC, UCLA, and Caltech) account for a vast amount of the technological education that changes the world. It begs the question: If LA is such a tech giant, why is it not perceived that way?
The answer, ironically, lies in storytelling. For a city that is an expert in crafting narratives and character, it's been difficult for it to find a PR angle to deliver a consumable story about its tech world. Unlike San Francisco and Silicon... Read more

Why did NewCo change its name?

Posted by David Zaleski on November 21st, 2014 at 1:21 pm

You might remember last year that OpenCo was the hottest event in many major cities -- especially for marketers. It's a tremendous experience in which companies grant the public a first-hand look into the underbelly of their brand cultures and operations. This year we learned that OpenCo was returning as NewCo, prompting many people to ask: Why the re-branding?
It turns out that this name change is less of a traditional re-branding and more of a re-alignment toward the organization's core mission. The idea behind  the initial OpenCo name, according to co-founder and chair John Battelle, was that it reflected the spirit of the experience in a literal way. Companies opened their doors and  let people inside some of the world's hottest businesses.
Since its launch, OpenCo has grown up, and while the core essence of the event is still as strong as ever, it now requires a less on-the-nose title to represent what it truly offers. The name was changed to represent how extensive, groundbreaking, and unique the companies changing the world truly are. NewCo also represents a double entendre, as many new companies that don't have formal names often call themselves "NewCos" as placeholders. Overall, this name change better represents... Read more

How a disruptive beauty brand is making its mark

Posted by Betsy Farber on November 21st, 2014 at 1:02 pm

If you're a brand looking to make a dent in a crowded marketplace, separating yourself from the competition is a good place to start. And that's exactly what founder Gregg Renfrew set out to do when she founded Beautycounter in March 2013.
As part of the first-ever NewCo LA event, Beautycounter hosted a presentation at its Santa Monica headquarters, and the chic yet cozy vibe seems to be a reflection of the brand itself. Its head of marketing, Tracy Crane, speaking on behalf of Renfrew, said that the company has created "unparalleled transparency and safety in the personal care industry."

Although the cosmetics and personal care industry sees $80 billion in global annual sales, it still remains a highly unregulated business in the U.S. in terms of what kind of ingredients are put into products. As an entrepreneur, Renfrew saw and jumped on the opportunity to create a skincare line that she felt safe using herself as well as for her children. The brand consists of body, hair, and skincare for men, women, and children as well as a cosmetics line -- a little something for everyone. To maintain the company's rigid standards, all products are tested and approved by environmental green... Read more

Co-working: A new way to do business

Posted by Agata Smieciuszewski on November 21st, 2014 at 12:21 pm

If you  have the flexibility of working outside a normal office environment, you have several options. You could create a home office, work from coffeeshops, or you could become a member of a co-working space.
One such space is Maker City LA in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 19, a creative and collaborative workspace designed for a variety of different businesses and individuals. On a tour during this year's NewCo event, I got a sneak peak into what kind of businesses utilize this approach and the benefits of being part of the community.
For a membership fee, you get the space, equipment, conference rooms, lockers, creative collaboration, and more that you don't have in your studio apartment.

There's a media lab with a broadcast and podcast studio available for renting. Members get special discounts or packages built into their membership for use of this space.

One of the tenants, Illuminode creates wearable and interactive LED technology for fashion, entertainment, or private buyers.

Another tenant, The School of Light, is a photography school complete with a darkroom for use. This is one of the only places in the city with public access to this equipment.

There's plenty of space available for working and creating. This room has... Read more