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2015 Mobile Marketing Predictions – from 2005 (Pt 1)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on December 5th, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Let’s just say I had a head start on my 2015 mobile marketing predictions.
In 2005, my first book, BRANDING UNBOUND, hit bookshelves proclaiming a new era for marketing – one where the most measurable, personal and direct link to consumers ever created would change the world of marketing forever.
Written in 2003 and 2004, and published in June of ’05, I prognosticated about Apple Pay, iPad, Google Glass, Nest – and trends like marketing personalization, mixed reality social apps, augmented reality and more.
The book came out in June 2005 - two full years before the first iPhone was launched and heralded seismic changes to our relationship with technology.
Advertising that anticipates what you want and offers it before you even think you want it.

Services that let you shop for pizza, music, books and movies – anywhere, anytime.

Offers sent to you in-store, based on your age, gender, location, stated preferences and past purchase history—and even what merchandise you’re holding in your hands,  in real time.

Mobile, social platforms that let you do everything from get your gossip on to facilitating real-world meet ups between “crushes” who happen to be within 10 blocks of each others' physical location.

Stores... Read more

Tips For Making Your Banner Ads Convert For You!

Posted by Morgan Sims on December 3rd, 2014 at 1:31 pm

Banner ads are a way of digital advertising that can either be extremely profitable or destroy your budget very quickly. Knowing the ins and outs of banner ads takes practice and some trial and error. Once you have mastered the template that make banner ads work in a certain niche or industry, converting on these ads will be a cake walk. There are times that banner ads are just incredibly bland and barely noticeable and then other times it is like a neon sign blinking outside of a trendy nightclub which screams “Click Here!”
Know Your Market
Just putting a banner ad on a site with high traffic won’t be enough to convert to sales or traffic for your site. Knowing where potential customers or readers are going to be visiting is the research that you will have to do. Choosing sites that are similar to your own is a great way to do this as even if the site is similar, every blog or ecommerce site has something that makes it different. A huge mistake you could make is to pay an excessive amount of money on a completely nonrelated site who has users who would rarely buy your product or... Read more

Online Advertising and The Supplement Industry

Posted by Morgan Sims on December 2nd, 2014 at 3:19 pm

There are few things that work as well as the marketing for supplement companies. It is a multibillion dollar industry that is not regulated in many ways. One might ask why do supplement companies do such a great job at marketing? There are countless reasons that will be outlined and some of these you might not have thought about in the past.
Margins Are So High
Supplement companies many times have such a high profit margin that they can dump a lot of budget into marketing. Many supplement companies put a low dollar amount of product and charge a high price for this. When a product has great results then the price can be driven up even higher. The high margins also leave room for the companies to have brand reps who may be bodybuilders or fitness personalities. There is just so much money in supplements that sometimes they just can’t help taking over marketing with ads.
Native Advertising Is Great For Them
Native advertising lends itself to the supplement industry in a great way. In my personal experience with searching about fitness topics, my Facebook feed and computer is blown up with different ads for supplements. They will show an incredibly in shape... Read more

When Words Don't Work from the Customer Perspective

Posted by Jeannie Walters on December 2nd, 2014 at 5:30 am

I've been in lots of meetings, particularly regarding digital user interface designs, when the term "accessibility" is tossed around. We know, for the most part, how we *should* make things "accessible" for the greater population, but we don't always know how.
It's easy, when we look at the world through our very own lens, to think our way will work for all. But there are so many ways to make things better for those who otherwise may not be able to access the information and tools available.
Whose lens are you looking through?
Customer experience is, overall, an exercise in challenging the lens you have. Playing the role of the sales director or the ecommerce lead or even the head of human resources means we use that lens to view the world. Our role in business is to accomplish something - higher conversions, better engagement, increased revenue, lower turnover, etc.
Our customer approaches their experience with us in a totally different way. The customer wants to accomplish something, too, but often it has nothing to do with the goals the leaders of an organization have. Our customer needs guidance. Our customer seeks better understanding of how to use the tools we sold them. Our customer... Read more

The 4 "simple" steps to content marketing

Posted by Jacqueline Lisk on November 20th, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I find myself frequently explaining the four steps to a content marketing campaign to clients, and even to friends who are curious about the buzz surrounding brand journalism (or what the hell I do all day). The breakdown below is simple, accurate and an effective formula for launching your first, or hundredth, content marketing campaign.
1. Strategy
Skip this and you’re screwed. Your campaign should be part of an overarching content strategy which includes the following:

Your brand persona
Your company style guide
Your audience persona
Your goals for your readers (what will they get from your content?)
Your goals for your business (Common goals include brand awareness, relationship building, establishing thought leadership, SEO and lead generation. I always urge my clients to complement these big picture goals with concrete targets, such as how many views, clicks, or subscriptions you’d like your campaign to generate.)

2. Creation
Okay, now someone has to produce this content--the article, blog post, white paper, video, infographic or listical (I could go on!) that will educate your audience and align with your brand’s messaging. For many businesses, this is the most challenging part. Whether you decide to create the content in-house... Read more