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Wearable Technology Will Change These 4 Areas of Digital Marketing

Posted by Anna Johansson on March 25th, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Ask anyone in the tech industry where the future of mobile devices is trending and they’ll say wearable technology. While a lot of work remains to be done in research and development, the industry believes it’s only a few steps away from mainstream adoption.
Not only is this significant for consumers, but it’s also something digital marketers and business owners need to keep an eye on. Here’s why.
Early trends and predictions
With Apple poised to release its new Apple Watch -- including a $17,000 gold edition -- the entire tech industry is turning its attention to the blossoming field of wearable devices. By 2019, analysts predict vendors will have shipped more than 168 million wearable devices worldwide … with an estimated compound annual growth rate of a whopping 54.7 percent.
If you’re a digital marketer or business owner who understands the impact mobile devices have had thus far, how will you react to this quick growth? The good news is that you still have a little time.
It will take months -- possibly years -- for large-scale adoption, and changes should occur gradually. Although millions already own health-tracking wearables, and millions more will purchase the Apple Watch in the coming months, the majority of... Read more

Emotive Robots Key to Unlocking IOT Potential

Posted by Tom Edwards on March 25th, 2015 at 7:53 am

Over the 15 years of my digital career, I have witnessed significant technological innovation and massive shifts in consumer behavior based on the impact of innovation. Highlights include the evolution of the personal computer, the now ubiquitous smartphone, and the explosion of consumer-centric social media.

Looking to the near future, the current rate of exponential technological advancement will continue to accelerate, and we are primed for another significant leap forward; the concept of emotive computing is about to enter the lives of early adopters and has the potential to shift our behaviors once again.
During SXSW 2015, the personal side of robots session presented by Dr. Cynthia Breazeal caught my attention. Her session focused on the potential impact of emotive computing as the next wave of computing innovation.

Emotive computing is based on systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate elements of human behavior. The key to the concept is the alignment of both emotion and cognition as the drivers of adaptive behavior.
I have followed Dr. Breazeal’s work at MIT since the late '90s when I first heard about the Kismet project. Kismet was designed to be one of the first socio-emotive AI. The core focus was to move past... Read more

4 Best Ways for Consumer Electronic Marketers to Score During March Madness

Posted by Jaime Singson on March 20th, 2015 at 1:53 pm

Consumer electronics marketers: March Madness offers you a perfect opportunity to make your own slam dunk with customers by putting dynamic creative to work for you this month.

Extending Virtual Reality at SXSW 2015

Posted by Tom Edwards on March 17th, 2015 at 10:09 am

Another year, another SXSW Interactive is in the books. Each year I look to get inspired, reconnect with publishers and 3rd party partners and look for new or incremental innovation that can add value for my clients. This year, one of the areas that caught my attention was the advancement of 3rd party integration and applications tied to virtual reality experiences.
In 2014, one SXSW exhibit in particular received a lot of attention for creating an immersive Virtual Reality Game of Thrones experience courtesy of Oculus Rift. 2015 did have it's share of branded experiences tied to Oculus, see Samsung below, but a majority of 3rd parties were focused on showcasing how they create value through integrating VR and mobile devices as they prepare to go to market.

Samsung - I had the opportunity to experience the Samsung Gear VR headset while at SXSW. The Samsung Gear VR is powered by an Oculus Rift headset that integrates with the Galaxy Note 4. The approach of serving as an extension of an existing device that can scale through various media and applications is the right approach to allow optimal personalization of experiences through devices and media entities that consumers already consume.
The #GalaxyLife VR... Read more

Adobe Summit 2015 Wrap-Up – CONTEXT IS KING

Posted by Willie Pena on March 16th, 2015 at 9:48 am

A wrap-up of the innovations launched at the biggest digital marketing conference in the world.