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Top Trends for 2013: Marketing Moves On

Posted by Vishal Sankhla on January 14th, 2013 at 4:54 pm

If you asked a major brand ten years ago if consumers would share their life’s details, regardless of how mundane, online and, as a result, become the biggest producers of online content and wielders of influence, you would have gotten a firm “no” and likely a confused stare. In the past, major news and entertainment outlets had a firm grasp on producing and distributing content to consumers. Advertisers controlled the audience, knowing exactly where their audience was and how to reach them.
That unfathomable thought ten years ago is today’s reality. Consumers are increasingly more tech savvy, connected on the go, and spend hours a day browsing blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and video sites. Unknowingly, consumers have collectively started a groundswell of “home-made content” that expresses their views online about everything from products, services, relationships, and beyond. The quickness of the transition and volume of participation has caught brands and marketers off guard, as they now have to grapple with where to find, and then how to engage, their audiences.
2013’s emerging trends will focus on how to measure, analyze, and engage audiences effectively on social networks. Here are a few I see coming this year.
Locating your audience
Aggregating data is the key to... Read more