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Rich media tips for publishers

Posted by Vinay Uttamchandani on August 23rd, 2010 at 9:04 pm

As most of us know, rich media ad units earn the most for publishers; they are a great way to generate more revenue.   Advertisers and agencies often ask publishers what new or unique advertising technologies they can offer for sale. Therefore, innovative rich media has become a sought after technology by Publishers.  However, I have noticed that publishers face continual challenges when selling, demoing, and delivering rich media ad units.  Here are six tips that I hope will help guide any Publisher who is thinking about rich media.
1. Selecting which ad units to offer: The biggest challenge for publishers is to choose which rich media ad unit that will run on their site. It’s important to choose units that do not overly compromise the visitor's user experience, but that are highly visible (which advertisers like). For example, basic overlay ads that cover content can increase revenue for the publisher, but may negatively affect your user’s experience too much. Sliders or page pushers impact the user experience less but still have great visibility.
•    Slider demo:
•    Page Pusher demo:
2.  Showcasing your rich media offerings: Once you have decided which unit(s) you want to run it is important to set up... Read more