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Why Staring at Your Phone May Be Good for Your Friendships

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on January 28th, 2015 at 6:12 am

As technology has become more deeply integrated into our daily lives, we’ve grown increasingly accustomed to the benefits. Our social lives now have a distinct virtual dimension, and data drives everything from the products we find on supermarket shelves to the health-monitoring of our four-legged friends. When online dating apps like OKCupid entered the scene, they revolutionized the way we form relationships. But only recently has personal data expanded beyond the realm of data scientists and into the next frontier, enabling the user to analyze technological habits in order to optimize engagements in the physical world.
We’re seeing more and more apps attempt to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds we live in. Like dating app Happn, which uses location data to match users with people they’ve crossed paths with. Or PVLL, the new mobile messaging app that graphs conversation patterns, automates texting, and pulls users’ messaging data in order to ‘hack the online dating game’. And with customizable survey apps like Reporter and Expereal placing data in the hands of the consumer, nearly every aspect of life is now measurable and optimizable–from relationships to caffeine consumption to overall happiness.
Integrating mobile data into daily activities like relationship building... Read more

Five Tech Trends Disrupting Data-Driven Marketing in 2015

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on January 23rd, 2015 at 5:46 am

Every January at 140 Proof, we share the hottest tech trends for the year. What are the watchwords to look for in 2015? Here's the list you should be on the lookout for starting with 'little', 'mainstream', and 'programmatic'.
1. Less is More: Why We Need to Start Paying Attention to “Little Data”
Big data was the hot topic of 2014. But in 2015, marketers will realize that it’s the little things that count. It’s not enough to compile massive amounts of data; it’s also about looking into the connections between those points. Little data is necessary to find the most relevant, powerful indicators that can be applied across verticals, from health and consumer to dating and political leanings.
2. The Secret to Using Data? Great UX.
Many companies like Tinder, Tableaux, and ClickView are already using data in a consumer-facing way. 2015 will be the year data goes mainstream; the insightful power of data will be combined with well-designed, digestible UX, putting the power of data in the hands of the people.
3. Why the Home is the Next Frontier of Data
With the rise of connected technologies like Nest and Amazon Echo, marketers will be able to leverage data from people’s homes like never... Read more

Guilt By Association: Marketers and Anonymous Apps

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on November 13th, 2014 at 5:04 am

We focus a lot on how advancements in ad technology impact digital adertising at 140 Proof, but we also enjoy exploring the ways we behave across social networks as a result of these developments. For data on how we use social networks to express different sides of our personalities, check out the IPG Media Labs study.
A brief foray into the world of anonymous apps reveals why the new social media space is no longer on the down low. With the swipe of a thumb, it’s now possible to learn about the sexually deviant escapades of the faceless individual <100 meters away; sympathize with the self-loathing health nut who just scarfed down a Big Mac; and puzzle out the identity of an anonymous friend who claims to hate her husband.
Exactly what anonymous apps mean for modern culture and how they will be monetized remains to be seen, but it hinges on the interpretation of user behavior.

Fear and Loathing in Anonymous Apps
At first swipe, the content shared on anonymous social media sites appears markedly different from the streams of edited photos, cheery statuses, and humble-brag tweets found on public networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Whereas the interests and aspirations... Read more

Data is Killing Demographic Targeting: Audience Insights via Wearable Tech

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on November 11th, 2014 at 5:07 am

Silicon Valley is familiar with being shaken up, whether by disruptive startups or Google power plays. But the region was quite literally shaken up in the middle of the night by the Napa 2014 earthquake. True to form, San Francisco tech enthusiasts took to Twitter to share their experiences, and shortly after the earthquake, Jawbone had everyone chattering about the data it collected from Bay Area users that night. Only in 2014, the year wearable tech has been projected to grow an astounding 350%, could this kind of data visualization dominate the public's attention over an act of god.
You don’t need to look very far to see just how much the wearable tech industry has taken off. Step into any gym these days and you’re likely to see more than a few fitness fanatics sporting FitBits designed to help them track every step taken and each calorie consumed. For those who are less health inclined, there are “iRings” designed to help you make music with a wave of your hand. These, along with a wave of new watches and sensory devices, point to the fact that the wearable craze is here to stay. Like iBeacon and social data targeting, it’s threatening the traditional demographics-driven model of... Read more

Five Reasons Brands Should Advertise on Tumblr

Posted by Vanessa Naylon on February 14th, 2013 at 10:43 am

While Tumblr doesn’t have a well-developed advertising solution, brands can already reach Tumblr’s valuable audiences. Here are five reasons that brands should jump into a paid campaign on Tumblr with both feet.