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Posted by Stephanie Stein on March 7th, 2012 at 12:32 pm

If there is one word to describe me, it’s obsessive. Give me a lemon; I will make lemonade, lemon cookies, and lemon cake! So when a friend told me about Pinterest, I immediately became consumed. The plethora of visual stimuli became a realization of all things I love. If you have not discovered the amusingness of Pinterest, I highly suggest you browse.
Pinterest is a social media community to share collections of things you love. It has become a mix of Twitter, Facebook, and blog sites with its ability to follow fellow Pinterest owners, its connect ability, and the capacity to share what you like with others. What makes Pinterest different than Facebook and Twitter is that it is all via visual dialogue. There aren’t any personal pictures of you and your friends, or a written update of what you did today, but rather organized pictures using a scrapbook approach.
For those crafty individuals, Pinterest is THE place. All of the DIY craft ideas and recipes options, just to name a few, makes sharing ideas easy. It is like creating one big scrapbook and having the ability to share your interests with others. Pinterest is a way of feeding off other’s ideas,... Read more