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Applying Big Data to Impact Consumer Brand Loyalty

Posted by Scott Bailey on November 14th, 2012 at 10:28 am

During major life events such as graduation, moving or marriage, people make big purchasing decisions. As consumers enter a new phase of their life, they are likely to shift their brand loyalties – making this audience an excellent target for marketers interested in acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones.
For many of these events, the “window” of time for reaching the consumer is tiny. Marketers must act quickly to market effectively to this lucrative audience with weakened (or, at the very least, vulnerable) brand loyalties.
That’s where big data and analytics come into play.
All marketers have heard the hype about big data – they know that consumers are leaving their behavioral fingerprints and footprints all over the Internet and on thousands of point-of-sale systems across the country – but many struggle with tying this data to actionable marketing campaigns.
The missing ingredient in their big data plan is analytics. With better insight into the data, marketers can tap into this flow of information to capitalize on major life events.
Here are four things marketers should consider:
WHO: While most life events are universally experienced, only a small percentage of all consumers are in the middle of one of them at any given time. For... Read more