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Good Pitch, Bad Pitch: Making the Most of Media and Blogger Inquiries

Posted by Rebecca Derrington on January 18th, 2013 at 12:47 pm

When responding to media and blogger inquiries from services like HARO, ProfNet and SourceBottle, marketers and their PR teams have the opportunity to nail the perfect pitch to secure ink for their companies. But what constitutes a "good" or, for that matter, a "bad" pitch? After three years of owning and operating SourceBottle, a media inquiry service in Australia, the UK and the US, I’ve seen tens of thousands of reporter/blogger queries and probably twice as many response pitches from marketers and PR pros. And of these responses, I’ve seen the full gamut in terms of quality: from the good to great, to the bad and seriously ugly.
So how do I make a classification call like that? Or what makes one pitch hit a bull’s-eye while the other misses the target entirely? Well, let me share with you a couple of types of responses I’ve seen that pretty much sum up the range of responses that would have been better left unsent.
1. The “I’m not quite the right fit for your story, but I’m close” response -- This type of response can really get up a journalist or blogger’s nose. Nine times out of ten the journalist or blogger has... Read more