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Are Your Buzzwords a Buzzkill? 3 Tips to Get Noticed

Posted by Nicole Williams on December 4th, 2012 at 9:25 am

In the face of the down economy the strategic, disruptive approach is to identify influencers with extensive experience in creating problem—solving results.
Yep, that’s a real life sentence, found in a real life publication. But what exactly does it say? In a word that actually means something: nothing. At a time when there is more content out there than you could ever possibly hope to read, quality—and not quantity—has become the absolute standard for standing out and getting noticed.

Back when I started working with LinkedIn, we released our very first ranking of the most overused profile buzzwords. I remember thinking how important it was to steer clear of “extensive experience” (the number one overused term in 2010) if you wanted to shine among the 85 million professionals who were touting their years in the trenches as their defining characteristic.   

Well, it’s three years later and with over 100 million MORE professionals on LinkedIn, the stakes to stand out from this year’s very “creative” (this year's most oft used adjective) crowd are even higher.  Here are a few tips for saying what you mean with words that will get you noticed.   

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