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Don't have $4 Million? You Can Still Leverage the Big Game

Posted by Neil Mody on January 30th, 2013 at 9:30 am

It's Super Bowl season and we've all heard the going television ad rate - a cool $4 mil a pop. That's great for CBS, but what can a brand do in a more cost effective way via digital platforms if they can't pony up the budget? Fortunately, there are ways to take advantage of big media events like the Super Bowl to help market your brand from a pure digital play.
1)   Market your content
Content marketing is a great cost-effective tool. Snack food is one of the staples of a successful Super Bowl party, and a content campaign is a great way to stay top of mind before consumers hit the grocery store. Costs for most content marketing platforms start around 10 cents a click, a bit of a difference from the $133,000 a second for the big game.
2)   Buy up some keywords
If you are embarking on a marketing campaign based around the Superbowl, a paid-search campaign can help get your brand in the mix. Typical keyword rates range from only a few pennies to several dollars - not a bad investment if you know what keywords to buy.  Pick basic keywords like "NFL" or "Super Bowl" for the weeks leading up... Read more