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3 Things You Need to Avoid When Building Backlinks

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 6th, 2015 at 7:48 am

The link building process is demanding. Therefore, you don’t want to make any mistakes that will see your previous efforts wasted. We take a look at some mistakes you should avoid as you embark on a link building campaign.
Getting nofollow backlinks
Nofollow links are a way for a webmaster to tell the search engines that a link should be ignored. This means a nofollow backlink may be ignored by Google and won’t be counted as a backlink.
Therefore, as you go about building your backlinks, you need to be sure that your host doesn’t use the nofollow tag for external links or else you are basically wasting your time. This mistake is often seen when you are building links through a link exchange. If you are putting a lot of effort into content for a link then it should be a dofollow link.
Some SEO experts suggest that nofollow links are still quality signals in the search engines. They contest that Google uses them to identify whether a link profile is natural, and whether there are big sites linking but nofollowing. It kind of makes sense that Google would do this. Google wants a natural search engine, ranking those sites that offer most... Read more

Reasons Why You Should Go To A Few Internet Marketing Conferences

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 5th, 2015 at 11:39 am

Internet marketing conferences are one of the things that certain agencies religiously go to while others just skip out on them. The companies that skip out on the conferences are missing out on many things with one of which being that people in internet marketing love to have fun and stay casual. Internet marketing has a lot to do with the quality work that you do but also the relationships that you develop. Often times you can have a blast while boosting your rapport with a client and they will not leave in the future even if you increase your rates.
You Can Learn Something
There are so many ways to view SEO that it is crazy and many of these views are correct in their own way. Listening to some of the brightest minds in internet marketing is not only a way to learn but it can also change the way you approach certain problems. Although you may be set in your ways, listening to a new perspective may just affirm that your strategy is sound and you will not make changes. If you are just entering the world of internet marketing, doing research on certain terms that are used is... Read more

Making Your Blog A Resource Will Help Your Marketing

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 4th, 2015 at 9:40 am

Having a blog is one of the easiest ways to market your company while also driving conversions. This is the reason making your blog a resource is a great way to help your marketing. Knowing this can help marketing managers everywhere use their blog to market like they haven’t before.
SEO Benefits
There are a lot of search engine benefits that you can receive from having a very informative blog. One simple benefit is people will use your blog as a resource in their article and link back to your blog. This gives you exposure and markets your company just by writing one post that somebody found useful. An easy way to boost your SEO with your blog is to link back to other posts that you have written. This is quite easy as most of your content most likely will be interconnected or related so linking this will not be difficult.
Becoming A Thought Leader
If you consistently come out with content that people in your industry find useful and reference then you are on your way to being a thought leader. Having somebody in your company be a thought leader in your industry markets your company in a very positive fashion. This... Read more

Are You Selling Your Business Short With Your Website?

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 3rd, 2015 at 10:17 am

The fact is that every business should have a website and their business would function better with one. This is no longer a debatable fact as having your website rank on the search engines is imperative with the advent of smartphones which are rendering the phonebook obsolete. Just having a website is not enough as there are mistakes that can negatively impact your website and drive away business. The following will help you learn how to make a website and what steps to ensure that your website is optimized and drives conversions.
Not Doing Any SEO
Making your website rank for specific keywords is what will have you on the first page of Google when searched for. Not doing any SEO at all or even optimizing your website for SEO is selling yourself short. If you are in a competitive market then doing SEO might be a great way to surpass your competitors. The best thing that can happen is having a SEO team that is efficient while your competition is marketing in other fashions. SEO work will not only have you on the first page of Google but it can help drive more traffic to your site which leads to more... Read more

An Asset Based Line of Credit: What It Is & Why You Need One

Posted by Morgan Sims on January 2nd, 2015 at 3:42 pm

In these tumultuous economic times, many businesses and companies are looking for ways to fund their ventures. Many may turn to funding through websites, investors, or even loans. One solid way to get the business monies that you need is through an asset based line of credit, or asset lending, which can be accomplished through financial institutions like Dealstruck. Here, we will tell you more about what asset based lending is and who does it. Lastly, we will tell you why an asset based line of credit is a great idea.
What Is an Asset Based Line of Credit?
An asset based line of credit is much line a typical line of credit in the business world. It is a loan or line of credit given to you based upon a factored rate. This factored rate depends on the company or business’s inventory, eligible receivables, or worth. As the value of any of these fluctuates, so, too, does the amount of credit you can have advanced to your company. Businesses can then use any credit they receive from this means to pay bills, employees, and more.
Where Can You Apply for One?
Believe it or not, a long list of financial institutions offer... Read more