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How Brands Can Drive Sales with Social Media This Holiday Season

Posted by Michael Fisher on November 9th, 2012 at 9:42 am

Online consumers are a finicky tribe, especially around the holidays. On one hand, they say they want to see more deals on social media than brands have been offering. But at the same time, research shows that shoppers tune out companies that bombard them with too many promotions during the holiday shopping season.
So should retailers go full throttle on social channel promotions during the holidays, or should they back off their social engagement efforts and connect with consumers through other marketing channels?
The answer: It depends on the type and timing of social channel promotions the brand leverages to connect with holiday shoppers.
Social channel engagement during the holidays
A recent Yesmail report, based on a consumer shopping trends survey and an analysis of the digital marketing campaigns of 20 brands over a three-month period, found that half of consumers are influenced by social media when making online purchases (compared to 42 percent for in-store purchases), and more than one in three consumers have purchased a product as a direct result of a social media promotion.
The survey also showed that consumers are most likely to interact with a brand via social media when researching a product and after getting an e-mail promotion; they... Read more