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Rich Media Should Be More Than a Prettyfest

Posted by Mercedes Romana on November 19th, 2012 at 11:59 am

So many experts are predicting dramatic growth in rich media spending over the next several years.  Forrester, to name just one, predicts almost 150% growth over the next four years.
And for good reason. As branding dollars rapidly shift to online media, it’s critical that brands find creative tableau that can deliver powerful and memorable experiences.
But rich media needs to be about more than pretty. As marketers race to align their plans to data-driven strategies and tactics, we need to ensure that our rich media efforts are part of that future. I call data-centric rich media Smart Rich, as distinct from Dumb Rich, where creative technique must carry all of branding water in an execution.
Smart Rich is about using user data to deliver tailored experiences. About pushing the envelope of dynamic creative to encompass every aspect of what will be persuasive to a customer. And about using first- and where necessary third-party data to give greater purpose to the engagement made possible with rich media technology.
To do this right you need to combine, clean, and make available all of your cross channel data for user insights. Then to create integrated teams of analysts, creatives, media experts, and rich media providers to... Read more