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5 Roadblocks Creative Agencies Face When Attempting To Create Engaging Digital Ads For Their Clients

Posted by Mark Douglas on January 16th, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that for the most part, online ads suck.  Why do they suck? Because up until now, web advertising has been all about static images, static text, and static links, but static is boring. Static won’t get your ads viewed, none the less clicked.
Today, everyone wants interactivity in their ads – they want ads that leverage assets like video and social features, which are interactive and generally have 600% higher click rates.
I’ve talked with a lot of creative agencies, and they all agree that web advertising has been a terrible medium for the actual ad.
Brands want high-quality ads where you can express emotion. They want ads that people respond to, and they want to get to this point without all the coding and programming it takes to creating these kinds of ads. Why not make ads that live up to the quality of the brands that are actually advertising them?
Our industry’s tedious development cycle often inhibits agencies’ ability to create the kinds of ads their brands actually want to invest in. In turn, it’s become a bit of a struggle for agencies to create ads that match the quality of assets they have in other mediums,... Read more