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How mobile is idiot-proofing our lives

Posted by Marian Berelowitz on May 16th, 2014 at 1:24 pm

Mobile devices are helping us outsource ability, knowledge, and effort. And as technology evolves, it will learn to anticipate needs as well, staying one step ahead of the user. As we note in JWT's recent report, "10 Mobile Trends for 2014 and Beyond," mobile is making life more idiot-proofed.
Having an advanced computing device constantly on hand—and one that can determine location, acceleration and other real-time data—enables us to compensate for skill gaps, augment our capabilities or otherwise outsource an array of tasks and some brainpower. As technologies get more sophisticated, consumers will increasingly harness mobile tools to become instantly smarter, savvier and more skilled, and also much lazier.
As we get accustomed to asking our mobile phones to perform tasks like figure out directions or translate foreign phrases, we’ll continue to outsource more elements of life—even our intimate relationships. Romantimatic and BroApp are apps that keep a relationship humming along (in theory, anyway) by sending romantic messages to a significant other at pre-selected intervals.
Consumers will increasingly expect digital tools to do the heavy lifting for them. For instance, Magisto is a fast-growing app—it claims more than 25 million users, up from 10 million in September 2013—that automatically selects compelling moments from... Read more