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What mobile is doing right

Posted by Lucia Davis on March 19th, 2013 at 7:22 am

Last month, iMedia published my article, "5 ways we're still botching mobile," in which I interviewed experts in the space about areas where mobile is falling short. Since then, I've gotten feedback from other industry participants concerning what's not being botched. They were eager to publicize the better side of mobile, and so I invited them to answer a few questions. While only two were interested in this proposal, their responses were thorough and informative. Here's what they had to say:
Lucia Davis: What do you find most exciting about mobile?
Jennifer Noonan, partner, Mobigirl Media: Right now we think mobile is going to play big in the curated e-commerce space around niche categories. Sites like PopDust, Pink Clouds, and The Fancy show that there are amazing new opportunities for brands to begin to look for incremental new e-commerce opportunities at the intersection of social, e-commerce and mobile. It’s an interesting space to watch.
Bill Clifford, chief revenue officer, SessionM: We now navigate life experiences through a device in the palm of our hands which presents brands with the opportunity to connect with consumers in more personal, relevant ways... Read more

Sony's secrets from the heart of Hollywood

Posted by Lucia Davis on June 26th, 2012 at 11:09 am

Good morning!
I'm writing from the back of an conference room in the crux of Hollywood at the iMedia Entertainment Summit (check out #imediasummit to see what's happening as it's happening). Before I get into Sony's great, sound-bite-full presentation, I feel obligated to note sightings of three of last year's iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers. Kent Speakman, Nicole Butte, and Bettina Sherick (one of the events co-chairs): You might not see me, BUT I SEE YOU.
UPDATE: Apparently a fourth hottie is here as well: Josh Holmes. Don't worry, I'll find you...
Bettina and fellow co-chair Kevin Doohan opened the conference with both of them gaining major cool points in my book, Bettina with her honesty, humor, and good taste in TV (South Park, specifically the excellent, relevant episode, "The day the internet stood still"), and Kevin with his references to the Creator's Project and VICE's amazing video series, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia. Well done, you two.

Get it? Digital fireside chat????? I know. Genius.
On to Sony's keynote "Fireside Chat": "Sony's Unique Approach to Digital Marketing." Sony's SVPs and childhood friends Elias Plishner and Jake Zim were joined on stage by Gordon Paddison, CEO of Stradella Road. Elias, the SVP of worldwide digital marketing,... Read more

Hershey's sweet success and reaching mobile moms

Posted by Lucia Davis on April 24th, 2012 at 7:59 am

Today's case study from Chris Cox, Hershey Company's global digital marketing manager, provided an excellent example of just how powerful digital has gotten. Hershey's purely digital effort, launched in an effort to revamp the 116-year-old brand's image and improve cocoa sales, resulted in factory sales that exceeded expectations by more than 15 percent.
The goals of the purely digital campaign were to be the best in class for chocolate recipes; ensure was a trusted partner in chocolate recipes; own chocolate dessert recipes on the web; deepen relationship and engagement with consumers; drive sales; increase new visitors; and increase repeat visitors.
Hershey's Cocoa Iconic Recipe promotion, which ran from February to April in 2011, resulted in 34 million media impressions. In addition, cocoa growth exceeded category growth rates. Here are a few more results from the effort:

Site visits increased by 20 percent
Page views increased by 11 percent
Recipe views increased by 24 percent
Mobile views increased by 40 percent
Time on site increased by 5 percent

Following Cox' presentation was a fascinating insight address from Katie Ford and Adam Kruse. Ford, EVP and managing director at Starcom, began the presentation by revealing that middle class moms are the true early adopters, beating out young men by... Read more

Moms, marketing, and meatballs: iMoms Summit day 1

Posted by Lucia Davis on April 23rd, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Day one of iMedia's iMoms summit in Orlando, Fla. was jam packed with presentations from The Gap,, and Pinnacle foods -- the home of Aunt Jemima. Our hotel is tantalizingly close to the Magic Kingdom, but the content was so appetizing, pun intended see below, that I wasn’t tempted too much by the call of Mickey Mouse.
Tricia Nichols from The Gap opened the summit to talk about the mom as a storyteller (you can read about it here). Fun fact: The Gap was almost named "Pants and Discs" -- the founders, Donald and Doris Fisher, originally intended to sell pants and records in store, and thus Donald's inspiration. Fortunately, Doris stepped in and suggested "The Gap," which referred to both the gap the store would fill in the marketplace (apparently it was difficult to buy good pants back then) and the generation gap. Fortunately for the clothing giant, Doris prevailed.

In addition to the presentation from Pinnacle, which I'll get to in a minute, there was the Yahoo-sponsored presentation by Chef Fabio Viviani, who managed to feed the crowd delicious meatballs and get them thinking about how to market to moms. He demonstrated the mentality that advertisers need to take... Read more

I scanned my first QR code today

Posted by Lucia Davis on March 13th, 2012 at 10:06 am

Despite working in digital, I'm a somewhat slow adopter. My Facebook profile is not Timelined and I've never "checked in" anywhere (nor would I EVER unless it was really cool and I wanted to show off aka the Oval Office, Mount Everest...Foamhenge...*) What can I say? I hate change and extra work. QR codes fall into both of those categories.
Back in November, when Sean X Cummings wrote his blockbuster "Why the QR code is failing," I cheered him on. Passing fad, I thought. When I saw a tech-obsessed friend struggling to scan a QR code in downtown Los Angeles, I smirked and thought, laaaaaame! And yet, in a manner true to the process of scanning a QR code -- repetition, frustration, and disappointment -- I was finally compelled to download a QR code scanner onto my phone.
I opened a pack of gum and saw a QR code next to the words "You have been chosen." I'm sure they all say that, I thought at first. But then, a tiny voice -- the QR code fairy?? Puck? -- whispered into my ear, "What if you've won some sort of chewing gum lottery?" I could use a couple hundred dollars, I thought,The... Read more