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Twins Know: Apples, Babies, and First Instincts Online Don't Mix

Posted by Lorrie Brignac Lee on September 30th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Twins are mischievous.  They have their own language and often work as a team, tackling problems and making decisions together.  When my twin sister Winnie and I found ourselves faced with a third wheel—a new baby brother—we set out to show him how things were done and to “take care” of him.  Poor brother… he didn’t stand a chance.
We didn’t know much about taking care of a baby, but as twins, we were ready to face any challenge together.  One day, our brother was crying in his crib, and we took it upon ourselves to “fix” this.  Was he sleepy?  Was he sick?  No… he was hungry!  As a kid, I loved apples (and still do!), so naturally, my first idea was to give one to the baby.  However, his only response was to look at it.  We even held the apple up to his mouth for him, but he still didn’t eat it.  Then we remembered that he didn’t have any teeth!  Of course he couldn’t eat it!  What he needed, of course, was a utensil.  Winnie fetched a plastic knife from our little pretend kitchen set and put it in the crib with the apple.  We left him... Read more

Twins Know: Trading Places (Online) Helps You Learn

Posted by Lorrie Brignac Lee on August 7th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

A lot of people ask my identical twin and I if we’ve ever traded places.  The answer is yes, but it’s a two-part answer.  In junior high school, we decided that the best time for us to try switching places was on Halloween.  It was the first time that we thought we would actually be able to get away with it.  We went to school that day in handmade costumes from our grandmother, dressed as Raggedy Ann dolls.  We thought it would take the matching costumes and makeup to be able to switch places.  Sure enough, we exchanged classes that day, and no one ever knew the difference.

We realize now that we didn’t need the costumes and makeup to actually pull it off, but that was the only time we intentionally traded places.  However, we’re still trading places today without actually doing anything.  People just assume we’re the other twin!  In these situations, we don’t say anything.  We learn.  It gives us great perspective about the life and relationships of the other twin; we get the chance to learn more and gain insight.
This has taught us how to “trade places” with others in our lives.  While we can’t do it... Read more