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Why aren't we innovating?

Posted by Kathryn Worthington on January 3rd, 2013 at 1:34 pm

The pace of marketing change today, driven by digital innovation and technology - has us all focusing on the latest tools, platforms and models of engagement. Obsessed with the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’, we struggle to truly innovate and find ourselves swimming in a sea of sameness. We all create the same gift finders, music playlists, look books, and Facebook apps with the intention of simulating a ‘friendship’ with brands and other fans.
In the rush to define a new marketing model or invent the digital future, we’ve lost perspective of what drives people and have missed the opportunity to truly reinvent, to establish deep, relevant connections with people – not audiences, not fans, not prospects, or consumers – people. Ultimately, in our urgency, we’ve forgotten a simple human truth: our innate desire to connect with one another, to forge authentic relationships that have meaning in our lives.
Instead of focusing on tools and mechanisms for reaching people today, we should focus on creating experiences that enhance what the brand enables people to do day-by-day. Before creating another Facebook canvas app, let’s ask ourselves – what experience is authentic to the brand and would allow our consumers to enhance their passions?... Read more