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DigitasLBi: The Original NewFront Goes #Fearless

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on May 4th, 2014 at 9:40 am

The theme of the DigitasLBi #NewFront was, "Fearless: How I led a brand to success in the age of uncertainty," with online content as a vehicle. It was a mix of Ted-like inspirational content, and a more traditionally formatted NewFront with talent and original content. Quite inspirational!
Two exciting announcements include DigitasLBi's partnership with BuzzFeed and Epic Digital. Said Tony Weisman, CEO of DigitasLBi North America, "Our deals with BuzzFeed and Epic Digital are fearless investments in creativity. We've cast a wide net to find the best content available from around the globe to tell stories that need to be told."
The "BuzzFeed In-Residence" @ DigitasLBi program places members of the BuzzFeed Brand Team weekly inside DigitasLBi's New York office, where they will be "available to assist in real-time content creation and instant reaction to breaking news, trends and popular culture along with analysis of social content." Such a smart partnership. BuzzFeed is doing things differently when it comes to shareable content. Aligning the agency with this innovative approach is a smart move for DigitasLBi.
Epic Digital, a non-fiction publisher which was founded by Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis, award-winning journalists with over 20 film and television projects in development with major Hollywood... Read more

Hulu's 2014 NewFront Kills

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on April 30th, 2014 at 9:35 pm

In my opinion Hulu's NewFront was a huge success: from comedians, actors and musicians taking the stage; to Head of Ad Sales Peter Naylor showing and telling the various ways brands can partner with hulu (one of the only NewFronts to actually spell this out in meaningful ways with examples!); to various stations around the lobby showcasing local experiences, content, and sponsorship options; to a simple NewFront app; to staged and communicated areas after the show where you can meet the approachable celebs who took the stage... They killed it!
Naylor shared the following stats, among others:

Hulu is working to get on cable set top boxes.
Hulu plus is currently on 400 million devices and recently reached 6 million subscribers this quarter. 1.6 million are hispanics.
Hulu just redesigned their iPhone app, including a beautiful new user interface.
The free version of Hulu will now be on mobile too (plus already was) this spring as an ad supported experience.
Hulu has exclusive on-demand programming including The Mindy Project and Community (stars of which I got pics with after the show - see below).
Hulu has a younger audience - more under 50 viewers than TV.
The lightweight TV viewer is a Hulu heavyweight.
According to Nielsen, brand recall... Read more

Unifying Tech with iMedia and Tapad

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on April 30th, 2014 at 8:50 pm

The Tapad Unify Tech '14 event on Tuesday was aptly named -- it was all about unifying technology aka onmichannel aka cross-device aka cross-screen. As the official media partner, we at iMedia had the chance to interview some very intelligent folks, including:

Steven Dubner, Author of Think Like a Freak Author
Are Traasdahl, Tapad Founder & CEO
Alex Andreyev, Neo@ogilvy Director, Omnichannel Marketing
Steven Rosenblatt, Foursquare CRO
Anthony Ha, TechCrunch Media/Advertising Reporter
Megan Pagliuca, Merkle Inc. GM & VP of Digital Media
George Gemelos, Tapad SVP Data Science
And many more - check out our event video coverage for exclusive interviews!

To me the most interesting interviews of the day were held with Are Traasdahl and Steven Dubner. Traasdahl explained that digital marketing was built for a single screen, but now we need to solve for a cross-screen world. He explained that he co-founded Tapad in order to unify tech (and at that point I got the name of the conference!). He explained that in 3-4 yrs there won't be a "mobile" silo. It will just be marketing. Much like the saying around the iMedia office, "It's no longer digital marketing. It's marketing in a digital world." What's next? Traasdahl shares that Tapad sees TV as the next big... Read more

"Think Like A Freak" with #UnifyTech14

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on April 29th, 2014 at 9:24 pm

Stephen Dubner, bestselling author of Freakonomics and the upcoming "Think Like a Freak" delivered the keynote address at Tapad's Unify Tech '14 event today. In the book Dubner teamed up again with "Freakonomics" co-author Steven D. Levitt, offering new ways to solve problems and retraining your brain.
One of the steps toward thinking like a freak: Think like a child—because you’ll come up with better ideas and ask better questions. Levitt and Dubner see the world in unique ways and with this book are sharing the "how." How can you think outside the box in new and innovative ways to solve? That's something we should all be asking ourselves in both our professional and personal lives… I certainly am inspired to after seeing Dubner's Keynote.

NewFront Day 1 Wrap-up: Part 2

Posted by Katharine Panessidi on April 29th, 2014 at 9:19 am

The Microsoft NewFront had the sleekest staging. It was in the Library Building near Penn Station in a warehouse-like space, set up like a club - complete with book lighting and Celebrities: DJ Mix Master Mike from The Beastie Boys and celebrity host, actor/comedian Craig Robinson.
They did not lack in showmanship. The event opened like this: screens showed the new XBox home screen, and it clicked through to the Bonnaroo music and arts festival in June: Then it clicked through to artist Lake Street Dive, and then the option to watch live - fade to black, and the lights go up on the up and coming band, who plays us a few songs. Entertaining way to start a show!
And the fun had just started, as celebrity host Craig Robinson took the stage immediately following, with a solo rendition of Weeds theme, "Little Boxes," with the lyrics altered for XBox's offerings.
For all the talk of "interactivity" so far at the NewFronts, XBox was unique in that it highlighted an ACTUAL interactive content experience in the show Possibilia ( Directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan aka the DANIELS, create a storytelling experience, where the viewer can choose from a myriad of... Read more