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SaaS My AsS

Posted by Julie Ann Desmond on November 15th, 2012 at 12:04 pm

I was just in a meeting with a company pitching a SaaS solution to a business issue we face every day. And over the course of the discussion, I began to find the whole idea of “software as a service” annoying. It’s pure blarney.
As digital start ups have been launched to disrupt so many business services categories, “SaaS” is usually “the name of the game.”
I don’t dispute the value of many of these tools and platforms as transformative – but I do object to the idea that software is or can be service. It isn’t and it can’t.
Part of the reason why the digital industry has gotten away with calling software a service is that the standards of service have fallen so dramatically over the past decade. So many of us approach business interactions with the expectation of minimal aid and support from our “partners.”
Unfortunately that spirit has infected many people whose jobs ostensibly are to provide service. But waiting 24 hours before returning a phone call or email requesting help is no more “service” than is a SaaS dashboard.  Service-oriented people are still out there. In my role as head of account service for my company, I have to... Read more