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Balancing the push and pull between change and data visualizations

Posted by Jonathan Bear on June 11th, 2014 at 7:00 am

Market researchers face the challenge of balancing the thrilling pace of data visualization trends, with giving our clients the tried and trusted reports that they know and love.
Showing relationships and patterns in data through visualization, is an important and powerful aspect of communication. It can simplify the complex, and give meaning where none may have been apparent before.
Visualization has come a long way
Visualization is not new. It has been around for as long as there have been stories to tell, or ideas to represent.
Progress in the world of visualization has been interesting to observe. What started as rock etchings became stylised art forms, followed by the arrival of the first visual representations on paper. Printing and reproduction was inevitable, as was the addition of colour.
Could we have anticipated a digital age with visual representations on screens?
Data visualizations won’t be outdone
Visualising data has followed a similar path. We started with basic black and white graphs, and what has long been a stable repertoire of styles for market researchers to represent the data.
With the advent of the digital age, market researchers will know that the potential to more effectively visualise data, has gone bonkers. As has the types of data that we want to visualise.
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Warning! Don’t be taken in by good-looking data visualization.

Posted by Jonathan Bear on December 2nd, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Have you gotten really excited by the way something (or someone!) looks from a long way away, only to move closer and have the illusion shattered?
That picturesque little cottage on the hill may look perfect, shining and white in the sunshine, with the conventional picket fence framing the front. But as you draw closer, the picket fence is not that white, with paint peeling and pails missing. The cottage itself? Rotting and dilapidated.
The move to visualizing data and results is growing by the day. Everybody (quite rightly) wants to show their results on a dashboard, a console, or a web-based portal that easily and clearly demonstrates their position, at a glance.
Demands on data visualization are growing
The scope for visualizing data is broad, and is growing broader. Organizations not only want to show sales results - they are looking to integrate financial results, customer data, advertising information, a myriad of other business intelligence (BI), social media and, increasingly, market research data.
As is the case with any growing trend, providers are coming out of the woodwork in their droves to provide organisations with solutions.
The trend started with providing sales results in a dashboard format, and has progressed to bringing in other forms... Read more