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Cross-Device 1-2-3! Important Ways to Improve Cross-Device Campaign Results

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 2nd, 2014 at 1:09 pm

With the average consumer now using just over three different devices to access the web, cross-device capabilities are critical to the success of today’s digital campaigns. But while many marketers are aware of “what works” in cross-device, something is often lost between conception and execution of cross-device campaigns. In the rush to get programs up and running on “Internet Time,” cross-device efforts frequently fall short of best practices. Keep the following strategies in mind as you architect your next cross-device campaign.
First, don’t think in screen silos and don’t think about cross-device solely in context of media delivery. To truly succeed in cross-device, your approach must be all-encompassing. This means that data, delivery, and insights gathering must all be considered when you are devising your cross-device strategy.

Cross-Device Data: According to comScore, consumers now spend 60% of their online time on mobile devices. And consumer behavior can vary greatly from device to device. As such, to attain a 360 degree view of a consumer, you must incorporate unique learnings from all of a consumer’s interactions, across screens. These learnings collectively create a richer consumer profile that will significantly improve targeting capabilities, for both multi- and even single-device programs.
Cross-Device Delivery: Leverage the best... Read more

How to Get 5,400 Agency Buyers to Answer the Phone…And Take a Meeting

Posted by Jim Nichols on May 7th, 2014 at 3:15 pm

The case study below is a synopsis of the presentation I delivered during the iMedia Agency Summit.
It’s getting tougher than ever for media and technology sellers to connect with media professionals at leading agencies. A big part of that challenge comes from the sheer number of sellers trying to break through.
For example, a dear friend – who is planning director on a medium sized for-profit education brand – tells me she averages about 35 unsolicited seller phone calls a day, and at least as many emails.
It’s the flip side of those crowded lumaScapes – every one of those companies are wangling for an hour of a buyer’s time. That kind of environment is tough on everyone – buyer and seller alike. It’s only natural that buyers tend to be skeptical of seller promises, and frugal with their meeting time.

When our company began planning our relaunch as Conversant, we knew that breaking through and getting agency people to care was one of our biggest challenges. We were prepared to “go big” – but wanted that bigness to help deliver our differentiation and make our transformation as exciting (well, okay, ALMOST as exciting) to them as it was to us.
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Friendly Advice and Support for Agencies After the iMedia Agency Summit

Posted by Jim Nichols on December 5th, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Yesterday in Phoenix a panel of industry pioneers discussed the ideas and attitudes that helped them create this wonderful, exciting, crazy mixed-up space where we all make our livings. When the panel moved to audience participation, discussion turned to what our industry needed for the future.
There were many great ideas, but I’d like to posit that the most important thing that can happen for digital is that agencies begin to have more confidence in their own value and uniqueness.
I mean that in an incredibly supportive sense. After spending three days with these agency innovators, it's rather difficult not to come to the conclusion that agencies are collections of remarkable and talented people. But that they are compensated by many clients as if they are full of cogs and flywheels. Functional yet wholly interchangeable.
The agency world has become commoditized. No great revelation there, I know. But perhaps worst of all, that commoditization seems to have sunk into the way that many agencies perceive themselves. Too many discussions center around what they would like to do but alas they cannot afford to.
I made the switch from buy- to sell-side about two months ago, and one of the first differences I... Read more

10 Questions for Lynn Ingham, Founder and Principal at Digital Talent Guide

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 18th, 2012 at 11:00 am

There's a difference between a good job and a job you love. Finding the right position is even more important in digital because the speed at which we operate and the need to stay "plugged in" puts extra demands upon us -- you have to love what you do to really do it all well. I've asked my dear friend Lynn Ingham, founder of a new placement firm called Digital Talent Guide, to provide a little insight into how candidates can find the best opportunities -- and how digital companies can get the person that's a perfect fit.
For those that don't know you, can you give us a brief rundown on your career and why you decided to found Digital Talent Guide?
I began my career in tech media sales in 1997, when I opened the San Francisco sales office of Advertising Age. It was the very early stages of the dot com “explosion”. Ultimately, I led all online sales efforts as National Online Advertising Director for the Ad Age Group sales staff. After Ad Age, I joined Community Connect, one of the “first movers” in social media, where I helped launched many brands’ first forays into social. The sales success... Read more

9 Digital Ideas From 2011 Worth a 2nd Look

Posted by Jim Nichols on December 20th, 2011 at 10:11 pm

There aren’t enough good digitally centered ideas. Here’s a little collection of the best ideas we saw in 2011 – ideas that demonstrate how great thinking and ideas come alive when married to the power of digital.
1. JCPenney makes something the same…different.
When you sell many of the same goods available in other stores, it can be hard to differentiate your offerings. Add to that the danger of people comparison shopping with their cell phones, and you have a major need in search of a solution. Here’s their great idea:
2. L’Oreal demonstrates dramatic proof that their makeup is a great cover up
Anybody can show a pretty model with flawless skin. But what does that really prove? Here’s the way you proof makeup efficacy.
3. Olla gives young men a good reason to wear ‘em
We all know, intellectually, what are the paternity consequences of not using a condom. Here’s a way to bring that to life for young men who sometimes don’t think with their heads.
4. Macy’s screams Black Friday
It’s not easy to stand out amid the din of Black Friday ads. While at its core a TV ad, this hilarious message featuring the Bieb got millions of views online – and impact that far exceeded the... Read more