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SEO Industry Spotlight

Posted by Jeriann Watkins on April 17th, 2013 at 9:07 am

Anyone involved in internet marketing is bombarded with articles about the necessity of SEO. You’ve heard people rave about how it’s absolutely essential to a marketing campaign. You’ve heard naysayers berate all SEO experts as black hat spammers. You’ve heard that Google is taking over the world (if they haven’t already) for better or worse. Right now you might be hearing talk of Penguin 2.0/ What is it? Will it matter in your business's marketing campaign? Or should you just ignore all the talk?
The internet rumor mill is churning out all sorts of chatter about SEO, both good and bad. The truth is, like any industry, there are both good and bad sides. Here are some of the highlights of the strengths and flaws in the SEO industry.
The whole point of SEO is to rank high in search engines. This causes many people to focus on the technical aspects- html, keyword density, site speed- which are all important, but not really at the heart of the concept behind SEO. This focus on tech can detract from the true reason for the website: the reader. It also leads to a “game the system” mentality that implicates there’s a secret formula to... Read more

Money Down the Drain? The Dangers of Paying for Links

Posted by Jeriann Watkins on September 27th, 2012 at 10:08 am

With all of the commotion about SEO, it can be difficult to decide what methods are best to use to promote your site. Some things are obviously taboo. Article Directories seem to be on their way out, link directories are mostly filled with spam, so they’re out. Guest Posting is all the rage, but there are a lot of different methods. Every blogger has their own requirements. Some sites pay for you to write for them, which is a great bonus if your main goal is links. Some sites want you to pay them for links. Is that reasonable? With the emphasis in the internet world on getting backlinks, one has to wonder: Does paying for links pay off?
The Reasoning
Why would some blogs offer you money for content while others charge for it? It boils down to a difference in perception. People that offer payment see your contribution as helpful to them. They are paying you for fresh content on their blog. In a way, you are saving them work, and the payment is an offer of gratitude, as well as a motivation to produce an article that is worth the money.
Blogs that charge you to guest post view you... Read more