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3 Tips to Win Agency Business

Posted by Jeremy Bloom on July 31st, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Over the last few years, I’ve spent over a thousand hours meeting with agency executives. The number of times I’ve witnessed salespeople—competitors and even some colleagues—jump directly into their pitch deck without asking a single question inspired me to share some insights that I have gained.
During our first year of business, I fell on my face one lunch-and-learn at a time—it was a learning experience. Since then I’ve sharpened my ability to identify and understand specific agency needs, as well as persuasively convey solutions without sounding preachy or pushy. Here are some of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned:
1. Be a thought leader, not a used car salesman
The best way to sell something is to not sell it at all. Proving your insight gives you a much better chance of obtaining the agency’s business and building a long-term partnership. It’s also very important to be honest; let them know what you are good and not good at. No one expects you to be great at everything, and being upfront about any weaknesses will go a long way in building your credibility.
Check the "jargon for margin" at the door. Stay away from buzzwords. Shoot straight and provide helpful insight, and... Read more

If Data is Currency, What Are We Buying?

Posted by Jeremy Bloom on March 12th, 2013 at 9:00 am

When it comes to predictive analytics and modeling, Big Data should be less about grandness and variety and more about practicality. In other words, the amount of data you have on your customers’ actions, inactions and affinities is less essential than the usability of said data.
According to an IBM study published in October, 67% of IT and business professionals worldwide indicated that predictive modeling was among their company’s analytic capabilities. Unfortunately for marketers, Big Data and predictive analytics aren’t the omniscience-bearing technologies we’d hoped for. Consumers have steadily increased time spent with various media types and devices, and while the resulting behavioral, transactional and social information is a gold mine for marketers, it’s all for naught unless they’re able to make sense of it.
Turning information into actionable insight remains one of the industry’s highest hurdles, with the proliferation of new marketing channels and platforms making for a tricky attribution-to-action scenario. At least 82% of US brand marketers and agencies are concerned with their ability to integrate cross-channel data—and 96% aren’t completely satisfied with their ability to understand and drive ROI from big data—leading me to believe that marketers need to refine their approach to procure the most relevant and valuable... Read more

Three Reasons Why Media Needs to Be Centralized

Posted by Jeremy Bloom on February 12th, 2013 at 8:45 am

When I walk into meetings with brands and agencies, I’m consistently amazed by how many manual tasks and antiquated tools are still being used to buy and measure media. For nearly three years, I’ve been obsessed with fighting the notion that marketing departments need to proportionally scale headcount with spend and that media buyers need to spend so much of their time pulling reports and manually aggregating data. However, when relationships with publishers, ad networks and exchanges exist outside of an integrated platform, this reality is inevitable. This reality of fragmented cross-channel media buying is ubiquitous—and its consequences cut deep into any marketer’s effectiveness. For example, most large brands and agencies today analyze media spend on a 30-day, or even quarterly look-back, resulting in inefficient campaigns and unrealized performance. The only way to truly maximize every advertising dollar is to have access to real-time data regarding the sales-related effectiveness of each piece of creative, landing page, channel, publisher and publisher subID. The automated tracking, formatting and calculating of such data within a centralized platform makes shifting allocation to the top performing channels and publishers as easy as a few clicks.
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Monetization, B2B, and Technology: 2013 Predictions for the Online Advertising Industry

Posted by Jeremy Bloom on January 7th, 2013 at 10:28 am

The online advertising industry is a rapidly evolving sector, and has drastically changed over the last several years. With increasing opportunities for brands to reach their target audiences across multiple channels, the sector will continue to change as advertisers look to create more seamless ways to engage with these prospects.
Below are a few predictions that I expect to take place in 2013:
Monetization solutions will flourish:
Wherever you have a captive audience, there’s an opportunity to make money. And there’s always some genius that finds a way to capitalize on specific audience venues: sports stadiums, mobile apps, even gas pumps and bus benches. In the rapidly evolving industries of advertising and ad tech, new ad formats, channels and types of messaging spring up on a daily basis.
In 2013, we’ll see this trend blossom towards monetization. Older digital formats like banner display ads will receive a boon from monetization solutions like Lijit, recently acquired by Federated Media, to both optimize their portfolio of publisher partners and provide additional value to advertisers.
The developments in mobile marketing have created even more opportunities for innovation mavens, reshaping the look and feel of mobile apps for consumers and business-to-business (B2B) prospects alike. Trulia offers excellent desktop experiences... Read more