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My first #iMediaSummit Breakthrough

Posted by Jenna Beatty on April 14th, 2009 at 12:00 am

At the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in March, Lars Bastholm (formerly AKQA) referred to a question his associate Tom Bedecarre (AKQA) had previously asked him; "why is so much decision making made by 25 year old media buyers?" My new friends in attendance said they all thought of me, the lone 25 year old media buyer in the room.  I immediately realized that I needed to write something up to share my perspective and voice to everyone.
I was excited to get my invite to the Breathrough Summit in Coconut Point this past month, my first iMedia conference ever. I was apprehensive on my way down to Florida, not knowing what exactly to expect. I was told, “introduce yourself to everyone you can,” “go to as many of the sessions as possible,” and of course, “pace yourself,”
The Saturday night cocktail party threw me right into the fire. There were greetings full of “what company are you from?”, “oh is that in New York?” I was pleasantly surprised by how open and inviting everyone was right off the bat. Everybody was there to meet people and share thoughts without pretense. “The Latin 3” welcomed me with open arms, and so began my... Read more