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Differentiating Your Data Models to Improve Advertising Performance

Posted by Jeff Sporn on December 11th, 2012 at 11:32 am

Online advertising has shifted toward a data-centric ecosystem, where an increasing number of consumer purchases are influenced by advertisements leveraging data from outside parties. This data can make connections that otherwise may be unexpected and significant – say, that drivers of one specific automobile type are likely to own the same kind of computer.
With every transaction, advertisers invest in data to help them understand something they don’t already know, which can increase reach and find a new audience. The primary question then becomes, how good is that data?  Is it accurate?  Is it reliable?   Advertisers should know that a vendor’s marketing materials are not the best source of unbiased information. Despite what the market tells you, good data is very hard to find. Buyers need to look further than marketing collateral if they want data that is actually going to change their bottom line.
Advertisers rarely buy raw, unprocessed data. Instead, they actually buy modeled data, under the assumption that this data provides some insight into consumers, and will greatly improve their ad campaigns. The issue is that this data is very often ineffective.
While brands are under the assumption that they’re chasing qualified consumers, they still frequently fall short of this... Read more