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Social Media "Experts"…Really?!?

Posted by Jason Burnham on April 22nd, 2013 at 2:49 pm

These days everyone is desperately trying to figure out the best ways to leverage social. In fact, if you type the phrase “social media” into Google, over 500 million results will appear. That’s more than the results for just “media”. Marketers are feeling the pressure to become more “social” from senior management and scrambling to put together social media campaigns so that they can check that box off of their marketing deliverables. Many marketers think by launching a Facebook page or getting a lot of Twitter followers that they have satisfied their social media needs. Once marketers realize that it takes much more to drive social activity that will result in ROI and the resources required for managing these social initiatives, they are quickly on the hunt for social media experts to assist them; and there are many who claim to be social media experts ready to serve your every need.
Marketers have started to tackle their social media needs, similar to how they have historically approached every other marketing tactic - by isolating and siloing their strategic parameters, success metrics, and analytics. We’ve seen this time and time again. This is how marketers dealt with banner advertising in the ‘90s,... Read more

More than Meets the (RO)I

Posted by Jason Burnham on April 8th, 2013 at 2:11 pm

Have you ever noticed that when you get a group of marketers in a room together that the conversation sounds like military leaders preparing for war? The focus is on identifying a target, launching a strategy, deploying tactics, and calculating the hit ratio. We have dehumanized the marketing process to a point where we perceive the “consumer” as an enemy combatant we must attack and control at all costs. News flash, folks: the consumer has already won the war. The goal should be how to build and strengthen your relationships with consumers, rather than trying to make them conform to your rules and analytics.
Let’s start by remembering that consumers are people, too. Crazy, I know. They aren’t just data points in an algorithm, but unique individuals with their own needs, values, behaviors and motivations. To think you can just bucket a group of people together and form your own beliefs for how valuable that group is to satisfying your own selfish motivations for success is a failed model. If history has taught us anything, it’s that you can influence one’s behavior, but you can’t control it.
Sales reps have lost sight of this notion. They don’t consider people’s needs... Read more

iMedia 2013 ASPY Awards – Finalists Announced

Posted by Jason Burnham on April 2nd, 2013 at 9:08 am

 The finalists for the 2013 iMedia ASPY Awards have just been announced and voting is now open. This is your opportunity to express your appreciation for the digital providers that are shaping the landscape of the digital media industry and achieving levels of excellence in the following categories:

Best New Technology
Best Customer Service
Best Ad Product Innovation
Best Data or Analytics Solution
Best Integrated Solution
Oldtimer of the Year

If you are a media agency representative or know someone who is, now is the time to vote for your favorite finalists. To cast your vote among the list of the prestigious companies nominated within each category, please visit Voting closes on April 19, 2013, so cast your vote today.  Be sure to share this link with your colleagues and please encourage everyone to participate. 
This is your opportunity to thank all of those companies that are contributing to the growth, success, and driving innovation for our industry. Winners of each category will be announced at a special awards ceremony at the iMedia Agency Summit in Austin, TX from May 5 – 8, 2013. A ceremonial lunch held on Tuesday May, 7th hosted by the ASPY Award Advisory Board will honor all finalists and hand out awards to the winners... Read more

Why Our Industry is a Mess

Posted by Jason Burnham on March 13th, 2013 at 11:29 am

For those of us in the digital media trenches, it is very easy to see just how dysfunctional our industry is. Although, sometimes it is challenging to understand why or the best way to resolve our problems. I believe we are starting to get at the root of what is actually going on. Through our work with Burnham Marketing over the years, in combination with the recent work we've been doing with MindTime, some very important issues have come to light. A few years ago, John Furey (CEO of MindTime) did a luncheon keynote Q&A at AdTech and introduced the MindTime model and framework to the digital marketing and advertising community. Prior to this session, we requested that attendees take the MindTime profile so that we could reference it for demonstration purposes. Although, what we learned was a bit shocking!
Upon reviewing the results, we noticed that the majority of our industry is comprised of Past and Future thinkers. There were barely any Present thinkers. The skews were dramatic. To put this into some context, it is Future thinking that drives innovation, the launch of new companies, creativity, sales, and coming up with the "big ideas". Past thinking drives validation and... Read more

Branding Leads to Direct Response

Posted by Jason Burnham on February 26th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

The guiding principles marketers have used for years to deploy direct response and branding initiatives is about to be turned upside down; primarily because we have been using the wrong metrics to determine marketing success. Direct response programs are typically driven by low cost / low frequency / less targeted media with strong, incented calls-to-action, specific to the action they want a consumer to take right now. Brand building initiatives are typically driven by contextually relevant media using high impact creative executions that solicit an emotional reaction about the product or brand.
Maintaining high frequency of messaging is perceived by marketers as staying top-of-mind, popular, and reputable, so that when a person is ready to purchase a particular product, it is their brand they turn to. While we recognize every campaign is different and there could be a combination of these tactics for both, generally these are the current practices most marketers apply for direct response or branding campaigns.
Unfortunately, it’s been the wrong approach all along. In order to build scale, at the same time increasing marketing performance and business growth, marketers must rethink their approach. Current practices are no longer efficient and will require marketers to adopt new... Read more