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Top Holiday Marketing Trends According to Consumers and Marketers

Posted by James Green on November 21st, 2013 at 1:36 pm

With fewer shopping days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and an overlapping Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, retail marketers face a big challenge this holiday season. The holidays aren’t typically the time when brands take risks. Experimentation is usually done early in the year, as opposed to the holidays when many brands stick to traditional marketing tactics and double-down on Q4 in hopes that their learnings from the year’s marketing efforts will yield more results/sales.
One trend for this year’s holiday season is experimental marketing. Retailers like Kmart and Toys “R” Us have stepped out of the box by activating new strategies to shake things up, especially in an effort to engage families and children. A recent New York Times article discusses how Kmart started marketing its Christmas layaway more than 100 days before the actual holiday this year and how Toys “R” Us created a prank-like video and surprised children with a field trip to a store.
These experiments will not only cause brands to step outside of their comfort zones, but will also create interesting dichotomies for consumers themselves. Some may feel they don’t have enough time for shopping, so they’ll only shop online. Others may find that they are shopping too... Read more

Embracing the Attribution Revolution

Posted by James Green on September 27th, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Last week, Magnetic hosted the Attribution Revolution, an event in New York City that featured a panel discussion comprised of some of the greatest minds in digital ad measurement, to debate the hottest topic in today’s digital space – attribution. But while attribution has remained top of mind for marketers for some time, the industry as a whole continues to debate over the best way to measure the value of media performance across channels.
Panelists included Bill Kee, Product Manager at Google; Jeff Greenfield, COO & Co-Founder of C3 Metrics; John Bates, Product Manager for Predictive Marketing Solutions at Adobe; and Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry. Moderated by myself, the event provided an opportunity for each company to share their opinions on the topic and debate over which method is most effective. Additionally, we had great participation from the audience, which fueled questions around QR codes, offline and online measurement and implementation.
Below, I’ve outlined a few key takeaways from the panel:

Attribution currently captures all of the effects that offline media has in the digital space. But as television and print channels begin to recognize and embrace digital, marketing mixes will begin to shift. Attribution now offers digital media the opportunity to engage in a conversation on its own... Read more

All Marketers Are Geniuses: Moving from Ubiquity to Specificity

Posted by James Green on February 21st, 2012 at 7:15 am

The age of spray and pray marketing is over.  Today’s brands are learning from the mistakes of marketing past and leveraging social data and advanced technology to better target their efforts online.  For this installment of All Marketers Are Geniuses, I connected with and award-winning brand and marketing expert with over 20 years of experience on both the agency and client sides of marketing, Scott Kraft.  As CEO of Gadfly Inc, Scott works with major marketers, like University of Phoenix, and startups to develop ground-breaking campaigns and strategies.  Below, Scott shares his thoughts on how consumer-centric marketing is helping brands shift strategies from ubiquity to specificity.

1.     As a marketer, how would you define consumer-centric marketing today, and how can it be measured?
The US Internet is the world’s most competitive and innovative marketplace in history. Not just for commerce. Ideas battle it out online at least as ferociously as retailers do. While many factors can contribute to failure on the Internet, lack of a customer-centric ethos throughout the organization is the primary issue. Perhaps one can make a quick buck or get a following before people catch on that an organization is not customer-centric, but people quickly find out and... Read more

All Marketers Are Geniuses: Keeping Up with the Searchers

Posted by James Green on December 7th, 2011 at 7:58 am

NetPlus CEO Robin Neifield is one of the leading industry experts on digital advertising topics ranging from search engine marketing to email strategy and social media to display.  Robin recently shared with Magnetic her take on how marketers are keeping up with the evolution of the search marketing channel and the latest “searcher” trends in this installment of “All Marketers Are Geniuses.”
1. What shifts in digital strategy have you and your team seen in planning for this holiday season?
Most of the shifts we have seen have to do with timing and also dedicated resources to social media, but they are not the same across client categories. Retail clients have started a bit early this year hoping to fully capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday online activity that proved immensely valuable last year. Promo calendars, email cadence have all accelerated to move consumers to an earlier decision point in an attempt to catch sales retailers might otherwise lose to more aggressive competitors.
Additionally, holiday planning came a bit later this year for many of our CPG and non-retail client partners who had last minute budget approvals. We have several CPG holiday efforts launching in early December that are centered around a... Read more