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UK and US Broadband investment drives consumption of video.

Posted by James Barnett on March 19th, 2013 at 7:11 am

In 2011 George Osborne’s autumn statement announced the UK government would invest £100 million to create 10 super connected cities with ultra-fast mobile connectivity. Its roll out in 2012 saw a boost in online enterprise and job creation. The US pursues a more regional based investment in broadband infrastructure which thrives of competition between ISP’s. As part of the economic stimulus in 2009-12 a $795 million government programme helped develop broadband access in rural areas which integrated the wider population into the digital revolution.
One interesting development which superfast broadband has facilitated is the way we consume video services including both user generated content and television programmes. High speed connectivity allows us to stream and download video as oppose to relying on traditional cable or satellite providers. A survey labelled the ‘Pulse of Media’ conducted by Accenture revealed 50 percent of the UK and US consumers are watching TV through an ultra-fast broadband connection. This is made possible by the use of tablet and mobile devices which allows flexible video sharing and encourage social interaction. Managing director of Accenture’s Media & Entertainment group recently described social media and video as providing a ‘seismic shift in consumer viewing habits’. This shows the... Read more

Digital First? Examining the Skype revolution in the UK's healthcare system

Posted by James Barnett on March 11th, 2013 at 9:56 am

Skype is a video platform that uses propriety IP technology to stream video communications; it has profound success as a tool for both social and commercial interaction. The platform was bought in 2011 for $8.5 billion from Microsoft with 600 million recorded users. Skype technology is becoming increasingly predominant in helping business more effectively operate, reducing costs in communications and increasing the ability of professionals to make informed decisions quickly. For the past three years Skype has tapped into telehealth, collaborating with Cisco video-conference systems to form new channels of access for patient doctor relationships.
The virtual clinic is a blessing for some patients which is evidenced from Skype’s sponsorship of the mHealth summit in 2010. Mental health patients are a group which have benefited most from video-conference technology as leaving their home can often be challenging. Skype has provided them with a means to consult with a doctor in the comfort of their own home. This is beneficial for doctors as they able to see more patients through Skype which provides a faster turnaround and a reduction in waiting times. The UK’s department of health also recently spoke out in favour of Skype after NHS Pilot programmes revealed an 11 per cent decrease in missed... Read more

Is Social Media Marketing the Key to Exhibition Success?

Posted by James Barnett on December 18th, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Leveraging Social Media successfully through contemporary New Media technologies allows endless marketing opportunities that are empowering business to compete during tough economic times. The commercial challenge businesses are facing is to pinpoint the results of their Social Media campaigns and provide the most appropriate investment thereafter.
The exhibitions industry provides a relevant case study to this challenge as tradeshows now market products to a global audience as oppose to a select group of organisations and people. Although this measurement is hard to measure on a person to person case we can conclude that it plays a predominant role in business growth as social interaction develops brand recognition and digital interactivity has become compulsory integration for exhibitor display stands.
According to the February 2012 report on the Economic Impact of the UK Exhibitions Industry the sector contributed 5.6 billion to the UK economy and 0.4% of GDP. Companies that can wield social power effectively in this market will be able to compete in the global race so let’s examine some of the basic social principals in exhibitor’s digital marketing campaigns.
Prior to the Show
By promoting your exhibition on social media channels you may wish to use Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or even Pinterest to tag... Read more