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NFC Poised to Accelerate Direct Marketing

Posted by Jacob Beckley on February 18th, 2013 at 2:13 pm

NFC – near field communication – is a hot new trend that has the potential to revitalize the direct mail marketing sector. It enables marketers to deliver content via an embedded NFC chip that allows wireless communication when a user touches a smartphone or mobile device to a piece of marketing collateral or brings the device into close proximity with an NFC tag.
Although NFC technology has been around since the 1980s and marketers are increasingly using it today, the technology was slower to catch on in marketing than QR code technology. QR codes – two-dimensional matrix codes that are often printed on direct mail marketing material – have found a ready user audience in the marketing realm for several years now. QR codes appear on everything from movie posters to fast-food restaurant drink cups to ketchup bottles. With QR codes, consumers can scan the printed code with their smartphone’s camera to be connected to online digital content.
Both NFC and QR codes serve a similar function: They are a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. NFC codes create a digital bridge to physical collateral, and unlike calls to action that require consumers to type in a URL or scan a... Read more

Moving at the speed of innovation

Posted by Jacob Beckley on January 22nd, 2013 at 9:46 am

Depending your industry, vertical or market, innovation has different meanings. Inevitably however, innovation at its core is universal. It embodies the improvement of something that has come before. It is the evolution of convenience, efficiency and effectiveness. Beyond that, we live in a world of make it smaller, faster, bigger, clearer, simpler, better. We live in an age being defined as innovation by innovation. It’s everywhere. It's happening all around us, from the moment we wake until we sleep, our lives are being influenced by innovations.
In the vast sea of innovation, companies that take the largest risk, close the biggest gaps and identify the newest opportunities are rewarded with the title of true innovators and leaders by their consumers and peers. These true innovators are setting themselves apart from any and all competition.
Being a true innovator is much greater than just simply improving on something that came before, it’s the creation of something new that defines the unknown. True innovation is measured by the impact that a company has on a market, an industry, the consumer and our lives. It defines the leaders and the followers in the world we live in.
Innovation is a living, breathing, morphing organism. It is... Read more

Direct Mail in a Digital World

Posted by Jacob Beckley on January 3rd, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Is direct mail dead? Is it on its way out? What's the future? Many marketers are being asked these questions from their clients on a regular basis. Whatever the response, direct mail still accounts for over 50% of the US marketing spend, and on average, still pulls the best response rates out of any other marketing medium.
Technological advancements and the growth of digital marketing have provided an opportunity for direct mail and marketers to adapt competitively. With the use of short URLs, consumers can now easily remember or type in a URL to provide additional supportive online content. In the same way, QR codes provide a relatively simple gateway to additional online content. And with the release of NFC enabled handheld devices, consumers can wave their devices over direct mail pieces, incorporating NFC technology, giving them access additional content on their mobile devices.
Smart marketers are evolving with these direct mail changes, and marketers are getting more insight into their consumers’ behaviors and trends. The same principles that apply to direct mail marketing are being applied to digital marketing: clear call-to-action, great offer and an exceptional list. By leveraging the already effective direct mail piece as a gateway to enhanced digital... Read more